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  1. This is at least the 3rd seperate report of this bug i saw so far.
  2. Can you comment on how this is getting fixed? Do we get an option to disable this behaviour? Do we get an option to disable the MFD as a whole?
  3. Havent tested the new patch yet but is there a setting now somehwere where you can change or disable this behaviour?
  4. I hate to do this but *kick* This bug is keeping me from playing multiplayer altogether.
  5. I have made an official report here: Really hope they fix this soon. Havent touched multiplayer since this bug appeared.
  6. A detailed description of the issue: The settings used in the Simulation tab in Multiplayer are carried over to your MyTeam and career saves. Even if you are in the middle of a race weekend. Seems to happen most often when trying to join a ranked race. Report Code: DATB-EGMG-JMAM-TKMG Platform?: PC but other people on other forums have the same problems on all other platforms as well. Game-mode?: Going from multiplayer to career or MyTeam [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your se
  7. The settings from your last online session somehow get copied to your career/myteam saves even if you are mid weekend. The only way to het them back (mid-weekend) is to host your own multiplayer session. Set the wanted simulation settings and then go back to your career/myteam save. Its pretty easy reproducable. Happens on PC and Xbox afaik.
  8. I dont feel the need to pressure the devs on giving feedback or anything like that but it would be kinda nice to see/know how this stuff gets treated. Where and when does it get filtered categorized etcetera. Just out of curiosity. ;) But i agree its probably a next year thing if at all. Next year we will see the new car so im guessing that will take a lot of work to get implemented well. Sidenote: im getting pretty heavily invested into actuial sim racing and man would it be nice if these games go in that direction more. As a choice ofcourse.
  9. The same behavior can be found in the PC version as well. All ultra settings. Might want to change the platform in the title/report.
  10. Im wondering if there is going to be any feedback from the devs on this issue. Is it going to be changed? Is it going to be in a patch or is it going to be next year? Or not at all?
  11. Did you check all your broadcaster settings in the audio settings?
  12. Would be nice if Jeff wouldnt ruin every start with a long info babble about o worn MGU-K until the 3rd corner.
  13. Yeah i agree. Also it would be nice to see why there was a grid penalty as well.
  14. YES! This is so absolutely annoying and distracting. Even on PC with Ultra settings the shadow pop-in is ridiculous. Baku is terrible as well. Please codemasters, at least make a slider in the settings so i can decide the trade-off my self.
  15. Its really annoying when you are in the garage watching your teammate doing his best to get to q3 and then you get thrown to the standings screen when the timer runs out without being able to watch him finish his lap.
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