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  1. There is already a topic for this issue with all the bugg reports provided @1512marcel
  2. Since I assume that this has been fixed in patch 1.07: "AI will no longer overtake the safety car when it is ending", I haven't tested it my self but if this is fixed it should be marked as solved
  3. Can you please post this report in this topic?
  4. yea the issue stayed exactly the same as in the video. You can always send your full bugg report here to help resolving the issue.
  5. after 1.07? Since when I tried it this morning it still didn't, same case as in the vid.
  6. Just wondering, is this patch in 1.06 also a fix for this problem above? MFD will now pop-up after receiving minor damage. Edit: nope still not fixed.
  7. Please fill in the full bugg report, otherwise the dev's can't help you
  8. I also had the problem after the last patch. And that may be the case yea, since yesterday when I tested it I didn't have my wheel connected at all, and then it did shut down correctly. While normally when it doesn't shut down correctly I have my wheel plugged in
  9. I love it , anyway, I believe that codemasters doesn't really update drivers, the driver performance has been made in the beginning of the 2021 season, that's also why max is still **** and almost never at p1. But that could be my bad.
  10. @steviejay69so I tested every situation, and now it seems to be gone on me. But I am 10% sure I did have the issue this morning and all days before. Currently, I tried running with both steam overlay disabled and enabled, and closing in the game itself and on steam. So now everything closed correctly. Idk why. If I have the issue tomorrow after a session again then I will update you.
  11. not trying to be mean, but isn't that the task of codemasters? There is a problem reported by many, many users. With dxdiags and full bugg reports with the exact explanation. Which is all code master should need to fix it.
  12. Does it change anything about the situation tho? It hasn't nothing to do with the game not closing has it.
  13. alr, it may be reduced a bit. But that can also be the case due to running full screen, since when you run full screen and min a game it takes less RAM / CPU / GPU
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