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  1. Codemasters please add forcefeedback for locked brakes. It works for my ps5 controller. But you guys forgot to add it for wheels....... When using the T300 wheel when you have ABS off and lock your brakes you get no feeback to say they are locked/locking. Report Code - N/A Platform - PC Game-mode - every mode [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? - N/A [ONLINE] Were you the host? N/A What troubleshooting have you tried? - FBB is just not programmed for locked brakes. i cant do anything about it Any scr
  2. mmh we will see. i hope its in the best interest of the community.
  3. you are talking about a different game then. codemasters can do what ever they can afford. if they want to make a hardcore sim f1 game that is not licensed thats ok. but i bet that we wont have two licensed f1 games.
  4. what is your problem with podium pass or with breaking point? you can ignore it. codemasters will never split this game. they will add to the current game and thats a good thing.
  5. yes we need crossplay. its 2021 so that should not be a problem. we need either a completly different gameengine like Unreal Engine 5 or they need to update the old Ego-Engine to v5.0 with crossplay in it.
  6. it can all be in one game. its totally not the time to "split" the community.
  7. we still have lots of cheaters. no anti cheat! this is embaRacing. They cheat with cheatengine. this is so easy to detect....
  8. we need a patch so we can play faster. the waiting times for disconnected players are just awful! The ranked playmode needs an overhaul. 1. We need complete ghosting at start for lower ranked games. Ghosting must be more frequently in ranked in generell. 2. We need much less loading/waiting time for other players that are disconnected or whatever. If these two things gets fixed/added i am satisfied for the time.
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