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  1. Race settings - Full Qualifying and race length is 5 laps. after qualifying in dry weather with the softs and moving onto the race. Before the race started i have no option at all to switch tyre compound to adjust to the weather conditions. I qualified on softs but the race started in rainy conditions, but I’m unable to start on intermediate tyres, whereas the AI can. Therefore meaning I have no choice but to start the race on soft compound tyres as well as my teammate, while the AI can switch to intermediates because it’s raining.
  2. Problem with tyre compounds on the My team career mode when your race settings are set to 5 laps. After qualifying on intended starting tyres in dry weather for the 5 laps (on Full-qualifying settings) the game wouldn’t allow me to change my tyre compound before the race started as the weather changed to rain. No choice to start on rain compound tyres whereas the AI can. Therefore meaning I’m the only one starting on soft tyres, as well as my teammate for the race in rainy conditions
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