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  1. in my game, 2 full seasons 100% distance.. bottas beats hamilton 70/30, Perez beats Verstappen 70/30, Gasly and Tsunoda are 50/50, Ric and Nando are 60/40 most annoying of all, Verstappen rarely gets a better Q3 slot higher than 7th.
  2. modifying your livery (or track adverts) is not going effect your cars speed or grip level.. hardly "cheating".. 9 times out of 10 it's modders doing codies work (accurate liveries, performance, latest driver moves) for them. changing the grip level, car weight, or speed .... is cheating. and since the later can be done, without modifying a single installed file... it makes the don't touch the installed files "cheat protection" a joke.
  3. the cheats online load the game, then modify the parameters held in memory. kinda like a hook trainer.
  4. Yeah, you're right. Except English is recognised by the world as an 'actual' language. American English is just bastardised English. 🙂
  5. Has anyone considered stiffer suspension yet.. you know the thing designed to reduce the movement up and down of the car. jacking your ride up to reduce bottoming out is all well and good, but if your suspension is soft as butter its still gonna fling that thing into the ground like a kid chucking a tantrum when there are sudden elevation changes like eau rouge (goes from driving down, to up).
  6. I'm sorry but I have to. kerb = raised edge on the side of the road curb = to restrain or hold back.
  7. all I can think of is him being the "Trulli Train" at monaco.. which works if you were being sarcastic 😄
  8. acc cars weigh 1.5 tonnes without fuel, f1 cars weigh 700kg with fuel. less than half. Gravity x weight = how hard you can abuse kerbs. I agree with barcamascot on some points, but only because the bugs mentioned were in last years title, and the year before that, and the year before that etc. EVERY year the same dumb bugs, which is why they get accused of Copy & Paste games. the company name is CodeMASTERS. 🤷‍♂️
  9. trail breaking for dummies. imagine a rope attached from the steering wheel to the break pedal, so at max breaking, the rope is tightest so you can't steer left or right, and as you release the break, you are able to apply more steering in the direction you want to turn.
  10. Remember for Camber, IGNORE the words MIN & MAX. You read the number. Slider all the way left is wheel on biggest angle, eg : /--\ slider all the way right is the LEAST amount of camber.. eg: |--| the confusion comes from the words. As u can see the distance from 0 to -2 is the smallest angle, and the distance from 0 to -3 is the biggest angle. and because the human brain is good at correcting things on its own, despite what your eyes are seeing. The brain says "MAX" must mean biggest angle. except -3.5 (the smallest of the numbers) is the biggest angle. D
  11. fixed your camber explanation pic... sorry for the poor paint skills..
  12. if you use the sponsor that wants you to "beat your rival in the race".. you get nothing if your rival retires from the race. had it happen twice. and just to be clear, both times Kimi retired, he was further down the positions, so I was beating him at the time anyway. $0 😞
  13. my team, season 1 currently up to Sochi GP, had 3 DNF's from mechanical failures. 1st was round 1, cant remember which part failed, lap 51, 14th place at the time. 2nd was all brand new parts and engine at Hungary , ECU went from 3% to 75%, and everything went to pot about 8 laps later. 3rd was in the 10th (first seasons points) at Zandvoort, again with brand new everything, lasted 1 lap after Jeff said "don't panic, but we've got a problem". I'm not sure if I am more gutted that I lost a chance at points, or the fact every time there's a mech failure is on completely bran
  14. except he thinks all the way left in camber is the | - |, but as we found out you ignore the words and look at the numbers, which means he runs max camber on rears / - \ and no camber on fronts | - | which is definitely not how you run f1 tyres
  15. if you flashback to before it happens, mid session save, then exit, then reload the problem goes away. ****** work around, but beats throwing your race away.
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