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  1. but you can't drive as Max or Lewis or whoever your favorite driver is, like was talked up by Aarva, timreduck (however it's spelt) tom97 etc, prior to the games release???
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    The funny thing about it all. -3.5 is the smaller number mathematically, but once you add the word Degrees (angle not tempreture), -3.5 becomes the larger. I just don't get why can't they move the words on the GUI, (Graphic User Interface for those who don't speak nerd). Does make me wonder if A.I. learning programs get tripped up on these sorts of things. at least everyone now knows, all the way left for the MOST camber, and all the way right for speed speed speed, LEAST camber.
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    camber is measured by the angle, of which -3.5 degrees is LARGER than -2 degrees, ergo -3.5 is MAX and -2 is MIN. -3.5 should be the number beside the word MAX, and -2 should be the number beside MIN f1 cars NEVER use positive camber, so there is no need to bring that information to the table. thanks for the replies, having found the f1 2020 chat about setups Greco says to go by the numbers and not the words... therefore -3.5 (all the way left) is max camber and all the way right is the min camber. maybe codies should swap the graphic around, so MIN and MAX are on the c
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    For setting the tire camber, which do we go by, the number or the word? because -3.5 is maximum camber, but it says it's minimum.
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