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  1. Awesome post, thank you. Any chance you're referring to linearity instead of saturation?
  2. Thanks, for some reason I thought it was an online mode (play "against the world's fastest" got me confused)
  3. Thank you both, you just gave an honest opinion and I didn't feel discouraged at all 🙂 I think that it's a matter of trying different combinations and taking them as a new challenge to make the game even more enjoyable.
  4. Hi, I wanted to know your opinion on this topic. First of all, I'm an average driver at the most (for you to have an idea, I use a Thrustmaster TMX wheel and finish among the top 10 with 85 AI level, not very far from the front row). Anyway, I think I've reached the top of my game and it seems I can't go a step further (I'm talking about improving my lap times, leaving out setups). So, I was wondering what's your opinion about racing using some assists vs racing without assists, and if you think that they can help to improve your lap times. The only assists I don't use relate to
  5. A detailed description of the issue. It's the second time I've noticed this. First time I didn't care too much, but now it looks like there's a bug. Fresh career mode, 1st season. The pattern in these two times is the same, DNF drivers got the fastest lap. The system somehow is counting their "interrupted" lap as a completed one, hence they get the fastest lap. However, they don't score a point for it, no one does, so the fastest lap gets "stolen/lost". See screenshots below. Report Code No can do. Platform? PC Game-mode? Career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your se
  6. Yeah, sure, but we are not drivers, we are just regular people playing a game. I speak only for myself, but I'd rather have a smooth track than having an electroshock in my hands every time I face a certain track or corner. I don't have the need to feel the track as it is IRL.
  7. Am I the only one experiencing this? Or you are but it is normal? I use a Thrustmaster TMX Pro wheel and in some circuits there are a lot of "bumps" in the track. I experience strong, constant and sudden "shakes" in my wheel as I drive through certain points in the track, and it feels like they were the consequence of a very irregular, bumped tarmac. Clear examples are: Suzuka (mainly on straights in sector 3), Spa (as you approach the last corner) or Canada (again, very strong shaking prior to last corner).
  8. Agreed! I can't get rid of this email even though it was applied.
  9. I think this needs to be addressed properly. I mean, you are a Ferrari driver, you win the Driver's champhionship in your 1st season, and you finish 2nd in Constructors after Mercedes and above Red Bull. Team goal for the season was "Be the best of the rest". So mission accomplished flawlessly, and more. Yet, you try to negotiate your next contract taking a "medium risk", not even high, and you fail twice. Your only option now is to take a "low risk" so you can have your renewal, which gives you a ridiculous $100K for driver perks. Am I the only one not understanding anything? C
  10. And this would be something where you can invest your massive budget on, as your my team career progresses. Backroom staff with different performance levels and/or skills, areas of expertise, etc. and more or less expensive because of it. I think games such as Moto GP have this.
  11. I'm just focused on my team atm. Plus, first three seasons I just did 5 laps races. Now I'm at 25%
  12. At first is hard as you are a new team, very little acclaim and sponsors, car performance, etc. But after two or three seasons, if you've managed well enough, you have full 4 sponsors, money from your constructor's championship position, money from your main sponsor, all R&D tier 3 and fully developed parts, and that's when you have way too much money and nothing to spend it on. Having 4 sponsors alone means something in the region of 2M$ per week, and if you have only expenses maintaining your R&D departments, you are going to save a lot of money. Besides, once I got 25 team
  13. I'm at my 5th season and I've fully developed all my R&D departments, and my car. 25+ team acclaim so I have 4 sponsors. Building up resources points ready for new regulations to come, but it doesn't cost money. My point being, what do we need the money for from that point onwards? I have like +400M $ and it just keeps growing and growing because I have nothing left to invest in. Yeah, I can afford signing Hamilton or Verstappen, so what? And that guy goes on and on saying that we have our money sitting there and we have to invest it!
  14. An example of what I'm talking about: So I managed to score a 1:19.704 quali lap in Australia, which I think is a decent time, but your teammate is 0.607 ahead, pretty far away. BUT, 3rd is almost 2 seconds away, and from that point times just grow up to more than 4.5 seconds for the 22nd. That's just insane, I think. I REALLY feel the need to being able to adjust AI level and teammate level separately. Otherwise, you are just driving against him and the remaining drivers and teams are just scenery. If you just can try to increase AI level in order to decrease this time dif
  15. A detailed description of the issue: I have a sponsor which sets the goal "Achieve a podium finish" in order to provide payment. I won the race and yet the goal showed as not achieved after the race (in the prizes screen where you get a report of your race earnings). Report Code: N/A Platform? PC Game-mode? My Team/OFFLINE What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. N/A Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. N/A How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step gui
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