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  1. One question: But in the race does AI only do this to 1 player or 2 players?
  2. It could be just my bad analysis or coincidence but when I play I get the feeling that AI is more aggressive in the career for two players than just for one...
  3. Why doesn't Xbox receive at the same time as playstation? Is it because of Microsoft? (I ask because it's not the first game in which this has happened...)
  4. I see what you mean. I don't play F1 online precisely because of these idiots. In fact, it was this type of behavior that was constant in a series of games that took my interest in playing online, whatever the game. Right now, I play only offline. Regarding F1 games I have been playing since 1989 when I started playing the old Super Monaco GP for Mega drive. I played every title since 2009 produced by codemasters and this was the one that disappointed me the most. Because the news didn't make up for the losses and because the big news (breaking point) is absolutely horrible at all levels.
  5. They can say a lot of things... but I'd like to explain to me...because I can't understand how a game released in the 90s had the full F1 Calendar season and a game in 2021 with all the existing technology can't have it. all right...
  6. You're probably right... But we have to hope that the same doesn't happen with this series
  7. Definitely no story mode. This series was fantastic. Every year they improved aspects that made the game better. This year they erased the classic cars, a series of tournaments and nothing improved the career mode and my team... All because of the story mode. Story mode which in reality is very poorly accomplished. The results you get on the track aren't in the least reflected in the story mode which is clearly a hollywood movie with a bad script. Develop more in myteam mode, in career mode and bring back the classic cars if possible with a series of championships to be played w
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