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  1. This is a different issue then what has been reported here (initially). You should definitely create a new thread with this issue. I have a series X as well. And my console only crashed during the replays, and since patch 1.10 I haven’t had the console crashing on me once. Since this seems to happen when you try to connect to a online activity (time trial also requires upload and download of previously recorded times) this might be a connectivity issue (I’m Just guessing here, I vaguely remember some thread about crashing consoles and connectivity issues being discussed). Create a new thread
  2. You can change it in 2021 as well. You need to be racing/practice to get the menu option to do this. Start a time trial, head out to track, pause the game, choose settings, on screen configuration where you choose to show mph or km and such, there you’ll now find the option to change the layout and location.
  3. Hopefully soon. They know about it and say they have a solution for it ready to be patched soon.
  4. I agree, this should definitely be considered as a separate issue. It’s just hopes and wishes that they are related and one fix magically fix the other. Personally I’ve been focusing on the crashing, and not bothered with reporting the tearing and low FPS. The tearing and low FPS are bothering me a lot tho. And I can’t recall the low FPS and tearing really being reported and discussed in any extent in a separate report before.
  5. This is a thread about the replays crashing the console. A fix for the crashing is hopefully inbound in a not so distant future. We can hope this fix the tearing and low FPS for replays as well. My guess is that the problems are somehow related. At least I hope so. If not, the low FPS replays would discourage me from giving the game another chance.
  6. Same. Still shutting it down. Bahrain, career, 50% race. Tried to watch replay (not highlights) and it shut down the console. And as you say @Rango, it’s almost always, if not always, “a few seconds after the lights go out as your approaching turn 1”.
  7. I think this would add a lot to the immersion when playing on a console. The fact that there is a mod for pc shows that there is interest in having the feature. This is a good suggestion.
  8. This is what I did, and this didn’t fix it for me. I still experience console crashes in highlights. So this is a long shot, but I wouldn’t say it’s not worth a try. The reason I doubt deleting saved data is going to fix everything is because I experience the crashes in GP as well, and that is a fresh start each time. And regarding My team and Braking point saves being the only reason for crashes I doubt it because I still haven’t played any of those, and thus have no save file for it. I haven’t even installed Braking point add on or deluxe My team package. So if you crash in
  9. Like the title says, old feature visuals, bring back vents to the helmets (they are present on the drivers helmets). Add customisable option for helmets regarding decals, even for career mode. The helmets look pretty dull as it is now IMO. I understand everything needs approval, but to add team specific decals/name/sponsor on your helmet in career would be very cool and improve immersion.
  10. After the patch I have managed to play a bit without crashes. So I thought it might be worth mentioning here what I did prior to this. In one session I played - 3-4 GP. 3 lap and 5 lap races. Watched replays and highlights. Career Long race. Watched replay and highlight. Time trial Several times. Watched replay. GP. 25%. Watched the entire replay (fast forwarding a bit), and made a ss in that replay. Watched the highlights. Beside that long gaming session I’ve played short races, 3 lap races and created 2 new careers and watched highlights, replays and cutscenes on a
  11. Thanks for the updates @BarryBL. Do you know if this fix will address the issue where consoles are shutting down without getting a “overheated” message as well? Perhaps they have come to the conclusion that it’s the same issue but with different outcomes (with overheating message and without overheating message)?
  12. A detailed description of the issue. - When watching highlights the game freezes and after a couple of seconds the console shuts down. Controller is still active so console must be restarted by pressing the button on the console. Report Code. - No possible way to get a report code because of the fact that the console shuts down. Platform? - Xbox series X. Game-mode? Grand Prix What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. - Not much to try. So far the crashes just seem to happen during highlights in graphics mode. The crashes has happened bo
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