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  1. So I tested out the recent patch hoping it would resolve the issue. Unfortunately this did not seem to be the case (I've added some extra EGO dumper files in case developers are interested). However, I tinkered a bit further with the game and may have stumbled upon a potential temporary fix. I decided to optimize the game using the Nvidia Geforce Experience application and set it fully towards performance. While I haven't had too much time testing the game out, since then I did manage to drive a 15 lap grand prix excluding some practice laps and a one shot qualifying. I also managed to do
  2. Well, that's disappointing. Hopefully you guys will be able to fix the issue soon. Thanks anyway.
  3. Description Game freezes and then crashes to desktop with an EGO dumper screen while driving on track. Report Code No code - EGO dumper screen Platform Desktop / Steam Game Mode Grand Prix, Time Trial, Career, Co-op. [ONLINE] Happened both in co-op and single player modes. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Updated drivers Adjusted graphic settings to lowest possible Disabled Steam Overlay Verified Integrity of Cache using Steam Did a clean install of my Nvidia drivers using DD
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