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  1. I feel like mazepin with the AI pushing me off track 😄
  2. This genre has become such a massive scam with the amount of bugs every version encounters and the little effort codemasters show... No wonder EA bought them...
  3. There's numerous bugs in this game including the game copying settings from previous drives, Like when going into two player career from time trial the damage will be turned off.... pretty ridiculous stuff
  4. I also noticed the game takes over settings across game modes, When playing carreer we had simulation car damage on because my partner had it on his single player carreer... then we tried time trials and got back to the coop career, and then suddenly we had car damage off, just like in time trials.....
  5. Totally agree. We should be getting more as a bandage on our wallet wounds
  6. Same issue, opened up a topic in support with a screenshot of the problem. Came online to play a coop race with my cousin... Had to be today 😄
  7. Can't connect to online services, Netherlands, PC. PC Restarted all my online services, modem, checked for updates from steam and server. updated Drivers.
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