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  1. HONESTLY. DON'T KNOW HOW IT GOT OVER HERE. With that said it is not what I expected from Codemasters..Last years game was a mess but better than this. I bought this game for my online racing and since the update two weeks ago I have not been able to online race.. Codemaster said it was my console so spent week working with xbox...Then later this week they acknowledge the issue. Keep in mind all along all my other online games worked. Next they said it was my ISP. It wasn't. They knew this game had issues...They sold us a game unfinished and honestly that was how 2020 f1 was. A bunch of issue
  2. for starters 1. if i was beta testing I would expect this **** only better with f1 2021 but this problem affects me with 2020 and worse on 2021. What really grinds my gears is we pay for game for 3 months and they act like they are doing me a favor .. great job you took a great game and made me hate it. this game is garbage. very disappointed. The fact that you all stay silent tells me you know its garbage. Hiccups is one thing but the last two 2020 and 21 unfinished garbage you guys should be embarrassed to put out this crappy problem... the story.....pathetic...not worth .20 cents l
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