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    i got the xbox (one x) disc version and i can sometimes slap myself buying the game this year.... The solo game is more or less ok, exept the curbes thing. But online i experience complete game crashes (from complete freezing to crashing back to the xbox home screen). Online / multiplayer is completely messed-up, a lot of not loading or crashes. Some weird driver rating update were ricciardo is flying??? Graphics are flickering or poping up ... those kind of things And updates for this console are rare after almost 2 months of error calling by almost everyone with an xbox...
  2. Xbox one x : Errorcode ND7. Nat open , all multiplayerstuff in right settings. Updated all i could update. 99% could not open any multiplayer session. Worst game ever bought. To many flaws in the normal mode. And Multiplayer weeks after launch is still messed up. How can you bring out a game like this where so many people have issues? The suggestions codemaster brings are a laugh.
  3. 2021 game version, lots of 2020 things in it. It feels like a bought a early version of the 2020 version with all the bugs in it and still missing a lot of new tracks with were and are used this and last year. At this moment the 2020 version is working much better for me, so please fix the multiplayer.. How can you not have a working multiplayer mode in such a game these days?? Codemasters/EA did themselves not so good this time. Really annoyed paying for a halve working game
  4. Same issue and if you steer a bit on that bump you're in the wall....Crashed there a couple of times now
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