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  1. What this guy said! I want to be able to play the damn game!
  2. Hi, I'm still not getting any ffb on my wheel in ANY game mode. CSL Elite wheel base, with a drive hub. This works on F1 2020. I have updated my drivers from the fanatec website. Latest version. Including the pedals (connected via USB) to my PC. I dont seem to even get any acknowledgement of my issue. Can someone just tell me if this is being looked at? Everyone only ever mentions Thrustmaster wheels atm on social media. Sorry if this is already out there. Thanks. Happy to elaborate if this isn't a clear enough post,
  3. I am still not getting ffb on my wheel at all on XSX with my fanatec and drivehub setup. Everything worked perfectly on 2020, is there any info on when I will be able to play this new game? I bought it on release date! Also the steering feels ridiculously sharp when I try the wheel without the ffb! It's incredibly frustrating! We're nearing a month by the time the Xbox guys get the next patch, when is a reasonable amount of time to wait to be able to play a game you bought? Cheers.
  4. I have no ffb on my Fanatec wheel on Xbox series x. Any game mode it doesn’t work!
  5. Is there a thread for non thrustmaster wheel users. I feel like I’m on my own with a Fanatec wheel on Xbox Series X but I’m still getting an issue! Is my issue going to go unnoticed because I’m not using a thrustmaster wheel?!
  6. A detailed description of the issue. No ffb at all on any game mode! Using a CSL elite PS4 wheel with Drivehub on Xbox SX. This exact setup still works on F1 2020 so it should work. I haven’t tried online but don’t play it! All single player offline modes I have nothing at all. Wheel and pedals work but I’m not getting any ffb. It’s also important to know if there’s anything I can do as everyone who reports this issue at the moment is using Logitech or Thrustmaster wheels, which isn’t much help to my situation. There seems to be little mention of Fanatec. Is it the Drivehub? Is
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