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  1. He saw my post here and finally responded to me on my other thread. I'm hoping they can offer some solution to this.
  2. That's right. It started with 2021, and slowly popped up in 2020 (even though I never previously had a problem with it)
  3. Yeah, every single race without fail. There's also a weird clicking and beeping noise during gameplay (not in the menus). When I first started experiencing this, I switched to F1 2020 until the issue was fixed, but the bug followed me there. No problems with any other game, just this one.
  4. Graphics Priority is Performance I can't complete a race on MyTeam or free play. It crashes a few laps in.
  5. No, just while racing. It freezes and crashes to the xbox home screen. And I still here weird clicking and beeping noises while I play.
  6. @BarryBL Nothing has changed for me, I still crash. The game just runs for a bit longer now before it does.
  7. Patch 1.07 made a HUGE difference, but having said that it hasn't completely solved the issue. I'm crashing much less frequently but it does still happen, either during the race or post-race. What hasn't changed at all though are the constant clicking and beeping noises which I encounter during the race but not in the menus.
  8. Hey @BarryBL I'm part of the other Series X thread which you re-titled to focus on the crash during replays. I followed your suggestion and reposted my issue on a new thread even though I was one of the first people on the original thread. I haven't heard anything from you or anyone else. Are you guys working on a solution for this issue as well?
  9. @BarryBL I've just created a separate thread. I'd really appreciate if you guys can expedite this. Anyone else who wants to post in the new thread, feel free, linked below.
  10. @BarryBL Description of the Issue: F1 2021 keeps crashing to the home screen. I can launch the game and it's fine in the menus, but when I start racing that's when I face problems. I can last 7-8 laps in a regular free-play Grand Prix before it crashes to the Xbox home screen, but I can only manage 5-6 laps on Braking Point before the crash. I had this problem from the moment I first started playing the game, but at the time I would just re-launch the game and Braking Point would allow me to progress. However, I'm now at Zandvoort in Season 2 and only get to lap 5 or 6 before it crashes t
  11. Has anyone posted the generic crash issue on another thread, given the edit from @Hoo (above)? My issue is nothing to do with the replay or cutscenes. It just crashes during gameplay and I've spent weeks on this thread waiting for a solution, but apparently I need to post the issue again elsewhere, which is infuriating.
  12. Yup, you're right. Didn't realise that it auto-downloaded. Absolutely no difference for me, in fact it seems to have made things worse. This time I couldn't even finish 1 lap.
  13. I can't see any patch or update on Series X. Was something actually released over the last few days?
  14. I thought so too at first, but for me it seems to go down even without using any flashbacks at all.
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