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  1. We try to do our first league race for weeks now and every time multiple drivers are desyncd right from the start. Some cars are invisible to others or are A.I even though the real drivers are still there driving in their screen.
  2. Try another steering device. Disconnect all other controllers/wheels/joysticks. Turn off steering assist. Reinstall your controller driver/software. Update your wheel base(if you use one) firmware.
  3. It's the other way around actually. The MFD is wrong and not displaying damage correctly. I noticed this when I was struggling with sudden understeering and brake locking but the MFD showing no damage. Once I changed the front wing the issue was gone.
  4. Do you have any driving assist on? Also you can just activate the pit limiter right before the line. Once you cross the line the AI continues
  5. Silly that when you want to know what happened (Jeff I want to know too!!) You can't look it up since the replay is not available even if you wait for the race to finish
  6. This is easy to reproduce. Create a lobby and turn off qualifying. Set grid order to random. Save the lobby settings. Go back and create a new lobby. Now load the previously saved settings. Turn on one-shot qualifying. Start the event. The game will now start a one-shot qualifying but the race grid order will still be random.
  7. The difficulty seems to rise from season to season I feel like.
  8. If you are on PC verify game files
  9. Alt+F4 usually works. https://youtu.be/-ohwAsEYMnk
  10. I can't agree with you, the AI can overtake very well. I remember going one lap after Hamilton into the pits because he got stuck in HEAVY traffic after his pit. When I came out he not only overtook the whole field but also gained a 10 seconds advantage over me even tho I had ZERO traffic lmao What AI difficulty do you drive on?
  11. I also experienced delta resetting to 0 instantly on some corners, deleting your buffer and making you lose time
  12. Adding the HUD would be cool also, you could learn from your replays
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