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  1. Thanks for replying @BarryBL I'll try and get video at some point, but all I will be able to get is being in the menu trying, but failing to advance time. But I think it is in a similar spot for most of the people on this threat. For me, it was a competitive 2 player career (I know someone people are in co-op). It happened on the first season, but I have seen other people where it happened on the second. It seems to happen at the same time of the season though. It happens after the Zandavoort race and prior to the Monza race. When contract negotations happen. My frie
  2. @BarryBL Any update on this? The 1.05 patch definitely did not fix this issue for me.
  3. This is happening in my playthrough with my friend as well. It is very frustrating. I really hope theres a fix, and that it doesnt involve starting again. We were both so excited to be racing with a new team.
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