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  1. jacksbane

    8BIT Motorsport are recruiting now!

  2. jacksbane

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    So the original post was made here on 2nd July, today is the 14th July and still no patch.... why? what possible excuses could you have?  Not that anyone cares to answer. Seems like CM just shafted all of us for £35 one last time on this gen of consloe before they step up to next gen. I just want to play the game without frwar of loosing everything!! For those in the UK who are unhappy with the game, you should be able to reclaim all of your money from CM.  Under the sales of goods actr as the game is not fit for purpose..... I know several people who havedone this already. CM have no argument, they know about their corrupted files glitch from pretty much all or thier previous releases over the past few years, but still have made no real attempt to fix it properly.
  3. jacksbane

    Codies Weekly Update 11-07-14

    What a freaking joke, the only update anybody cares about if the save-corrupt patch that you guys are still sandbagging on, when the hell will the patch be ready for xbox/PS3  users? Stop faffing about with all this crap and get to work fixing the bloody game
  4. jacksbane

    Grid Autosport game crashing

    Codemasters don't care about us, thety have made that apparent by releasing a game that's not fit for purpose, then ignoring everybody when the ask when it will be fixed, this company is a joke worse than EA and thats saying something
  5. Stop having competitions and fix the stupid save glitch you idiots!! Whats the point of sitting there for hours making a nice livery when your save file is corrupt and you may never see it again..... Sort your priorities out Codemasters
  6. jacksbane

    PC Patch // GRID Autosport // 9th July

    Don't even care enough to answer all the questions, that says it all really
  7. jacksbane

    8BIT Motorsport are recruiting now!

  8. jacksbane

    PC Patch // GRID Autosport // 9th July

    Please Codemasters, for the love of god release the patch fix for the Xbox/PS3 this is a joke now, several friends have already gotten refunds because the game as it is, is not fit for purpose under the sales of goods act....  They will never come back to this game and I can't blame them.... With a company name like Codemasters you'd think you'd be able to write code.... But no this save file glitch is a recurring thing across all of your games.... Poor showing. My save file is slightly corrupted I have to re-purchase mods fro all my cars every time I load up, and have to redo all the settings because they are all screwed up, so now it costs me 60K to do 1 race in my Cat C touring car, and most of the time, the cars is set up wrong for the track because there isn't enough time in the lobby to do everything.... This game is a bit of a a joke, sort your shit out codemasters. Can we have an update on the release date?
  9. jacksbane

    8BIT Motorsport are recruiting now!

  10. jacksbane

    8BIT Motorsport are recruiting now!

    8BIT Motorsport are calling all CLEAN  Xbox racers.  Come join our club where we “Race clean and Race fast”.  Our aim is to compete as one of the top clubs in multiple disciplines (Touring, Open Wheel, Tuner and Street) in the Grid Autosport game. And provide a friendly, competitive environment where members can jump in to a clean race at any time.   We will also be organising events for 8BIT Motorsport members only, where we race against each other for fun and bragging rights.  On our forum we will be hosting a Touring Car Championship and F3 Championship in mid-July, along with other various weekly Cup events and Time Trials coming soon. Please visit our forum to sign up:  http://www.8bitmotorsport.com/   Here at 8BIT Motorsport we have a lot of fun playing our favourite games, whilst racing clean and fast, always striving to be better, and we are always looking for friendly, fast people to come join us.  If this sounds like something for you then please head over to our forum, and we will see you all on the GRID! 8BIT Motorsport, Low Definition, High Speed
  11. jacksbane


    I'm in gamertag Jacksbane
  12. Touring cars for me for sure, I can't wait to see what the Honda is like