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  1. Hi @RedDevilKT unfortunately The problem is still there for me. I tried it today again and the issue persists 🙁. Could you take a look? My new report code is: MKHM-RXHP-KVKM-PEKG thanks in advance I hope we can solve this before the challenge expires
 just as I described before (my description of the events from when I first encountered this issue), when I tried to go into a multiplayer game (social play this time) it give me the following error: ”unable to verify file integrity - access to online features have been restricted”
  2. Hi @RedDevilKT I passed the challenge once, and it was set to easy (too easy) so I wanted to increase my points. So I restarted after I changed the difficulty levels. I did find it strange that the strict corners weren’t not enabled on the challenge (usually they are). Anyway, I restarted the challenge, and since it was more difficult I might’ve have boffed Leclerc a couple of times trying to defend (more like tried to kill him), and got damages so I restarted it. I actually thought (after I finished it) it was because of that that I had a 0 score (fair enough, I thought). I restarted again, t
  3. Hello @RedDevilKT i am also having the exact same issue as @Getts0388 and everyone else on this thread reporting this bug. my report code is: MVGG-KGHM-ARKM-PEKG I am curious to know why this happened. thanks in advance for your help on this. cheers!
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