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  1. Can you try and get onto Multiplayer around 6pm-8pm tonight and let me know if you have any trouble?? It would give me clarity to whether it is my connection bud. You don’t have to, would be awesome if you could! Thanks in advance
  2. Honestly are you guys that ignorant to see that this issue is so known? The Xbox connection issues are a shambles?? Like you can never connect? It’s like talking to brick walls honestly, it’s a shame it really is.
  3. They don’t reply because they don’t have the mental capacity for a fix. Since the beta this has been an issue, no clarity whatsoever! On Xbox series X, I can literally play from 2PM till about 4-5PM… 3 days running now. Any other time, nope!
  4. I sometimes do mid-session saves! It seems to have fixed itself?? Also, I can online get online from about 2-4PM?! Any other time I just get ‘Joining session’ eventually ending up to failed! Any chance you’re working on a fix for this?
  5. That’s literally it, you can not hit the kerbs on any exit or you’re stumped. Got to adapt and I love it. Took me ages in practice to get a good rhythm!
  6. Basically I change it at the start of every race weekend through practice and the Grand Prix, then I finish the weekend, advance to the next race weekend, thinking it’s okay, but I obviously have a little wobble, hit the barrier and think ‘uh oh, then nothing? No damage but, it only changes Car Damage, nothing else?
  7. I’m NGL and jinx myself but I’ve just played 2 online races in a row - 0 problems??!!!!!
  8. Yeah, 100%, it’s so pathetic. I can only play so much solo 😂
  9. It’s so frustrating isn’t it. Like, they haven’t even said it’s their end. They’re constantly saying ‘what’s your error code, do this, do that’ yet no one has said it’s on our end. They’ve completed neglected F1 this year. It’s so sad. Paid £75 for this abysmal ****
  10. My error code is - MDRE-AGMS-BBAJ-GXJG I manage to get into a lobby 10 mins later, people leaving and joining! Race doesn’t even attempt to start…I don’t know how you can make these online services so scuffed! It says you’re doing an update on your website yet people can still get in? Payed 75 quid for this ****
  11. It only seems that Xbox users are having the most trouble getting online? Can other Xbox users confirm this please? We’re getting 0 updates or anything related to this and it’s pretty poor if you ask me. We got well earned money for a game you can’t fully utilise?? It’s genuinely getting boring, logging on playing single player (which I love don’t get me wrong!) but surely you devs should understand that online is where the most fun is? I’ve tried everything imaginable to get it to work but no, everything single multiplayer game I have on my box I’ve tried and I’ve had 0 issues playing. Please
  12. Any updates on the connection issues for xbox? Almost 2 weeks now and I’ve managed to play 2 online races? Everyone seems to be having the same problem? Your updates are shocking! Any idea when you’re going to fix this? I love single player but online is where I have the most fun! I’ve tried everything imaginable to get online working but always getting hit with the same WSC error code, sort it out!!
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