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  1. A detailed description of the issue - When in a grand prix in F1, I got an issue from Jeff telling me that there was an issue with my engine, it wasn't a blowout, so I continued racing, but whenever I wanted to ask Jeff a question from the MFD, his pop-up window of questions wouldn't appear, and he wouldn't talk to me, until there was a caution, and then he decided to talk and warn me about it, and finally I was able to talk to him. But why wait until he talks until I can talk to him after the issue? I play on the Xbox series x.
  2. So as the title says, does AI level affect the amount of mistakes they make? Since the higher the level, the more vulnerable they are to making a mistake?
  3. . A detailed description of the issue - Every now and then, my game will randomly crash out of nowhere, while in the middle of a grand prix, on My Team. This will usually happen when I leave the game on for too long, but here's the thing, it can't be my Xbox because I've left other games on for longer times than F1, so this could possibly be an issue maybe? . Report Code - I don't know how to gather one, my game just crashes, and sends me to my Xbox home. . Platform? - Xbox Series X . Game-mode? - My Team . What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tri
  4. Yea, something like that more often, will make them more human than AI, but at the end of the day, they are AI.
  5. Is it alright if you can tell me what system your on?
  6. I would like the AI to make slight more mistakes, like spinning out, or running too wide, or worst cases, wrecking. Because I watched a YouTuber play, and they get an AI spinning or wrecking literally almost every race, and I would like to know if this has to do with the system the player has. They are on PC, but I'm on Xbox, will that make a difference? And if it does, I would really like to see some balancing on the AI's mistakes, just to make grand prixs more spicy on My Team mode.
  7. Hmmmm alright, I'll give it a shot, thanks!
  8. So, AI balancing is a tough thing to do for me, I don't know whether to use the Spanish Grand Prix test, or to just balance the AI along each grand prix, by comparing their times to mine, and then adjusting to my rivals from the performance chart. Any suggestions?
  9. Over my time of playing F1 2021 on the Xbox console, I've noticed a strange issue. Since the beginning of My Team, I've set the Safety Car to be increased, and I've noticed that I rarely get a safety car, or a incident from the AI, like them spinning out or crashing. There is a YouTuber that I watched, and he had the same settings, and he gets an incident on track from the AI all the time, do keep in mind, he is on PC, so I really don't know if the system matters. I really don't know if this is a bug, or something else, but I just wanted to report it. I've found no fix to this, I've tried swit
  10. Hold on, could that be a reason? Because, at the start of the post, I've mentioned about watching a YouTuber doing a career mode let's play, and he is on PC, with 110 AI, and increased safety car. So maybe the safety car setting is affected by AI level, or system maybe?
  11. What system do you play on? I'm on console, with 78 difficulty, and have almost to no incidents by the AI, with increased safety car.
  12. What platform are you playing? PC, Xbox?
  13. So, after having some time playing F1 2021, with the increased safety car option, and racing with level 78 AI, I rarely get any mistakes from the AI. I've watched a YouTuber doing a let's play on his F1 2021 My team career mode, and literally in every race, he gets an AI spinning out, or crashing another car, or just simply retiring, while I don't. Could the AI level affect this?
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