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  1. With Enhanced Understeer effect OFF there is simply no effect for under steering. Understeering feels the same as over steering which feels the same as regular steering.
  2. I'm just trying to wrap my head around this setting. I mean the FFB isn't particularly impressive in this game (if anything I'd say it's sub par, you can do so much better CM), but what's extra confusing is the Enhanced Understeer Effect setting. This is on a G920, so nothing fancy. I don't know about F1 cars, but in real cars when you are experiencing understeer your steering wheel is very light. When your front tires aren't getting traction the steering wheel becomes very light. When the wheels have less grip there's less physical resistance pushing them straight which means your st
  3. This isn't just a multiplayer thing. This is AI across the whole game. I was about to make a post about this kind of thing. It seems like the AI are on 'slot car tracks'. They follow the line as close as they can, while avoiding other AI cars pretty reliably. The problem is they don't seem to register the player even exists sometimes. You can be side by side with them and they STILL don't leave you room a third of the time. At first I thought it was me just doing a Hamilton and not judging the corner correctly, but I've been going into the replays and it's definitely the AI just bla
  4. I understand that it's hard having your work criticized and rudely insulted, but you have to at least appreciate that this response isn't the right play. You would have come off about 100 times better looking to have simply not responded. The impression that this gives is that your willing to let your ego come between you and improving a game that people like enough to want to see improve. From a PR standpoint you have put both your feet in your mouth. Because at the end of the day if the sound could be improved that will be true or not regardless of how someone has decided to expre
  5. The proximity arrow is just not good enough. It gives far too little information. It also disappears behind other hud elements. It makes wheel to wheel racing with the erratic AI extremely frustrating when there's a pack. We need to know if there's a car alongside of us. The proximity arrow doesn't inform us if there's overlap between cars. The third party program Crew Chief will likely eventually solve this problem to some degree, but it should not be left to third party to make a game less frustrating. Give us a dedicated spotter in our ear telling us if there are cars alongside of us
  6. So I'm just a pleb Assetto Corsa fanboy with a G920. I don't race in real life and I don't claim to be good at sim racing. However, here's some things that the FFB in AC does that I really like that I'm not feeling in F1 2021. These are just my opinions. 1.) Oversteer - F1 2021 has that Enhanced Understeer effect that everyone says to turn off. This is my opinion, but I think the reason people turn it off is because it's nonsensical, counter intuitive, and not great. As far as I know in a regular car when you turn with speed and the tyres take the load the wheel gets stiffer and stif
  7. Could be. And I'm not a game developer, but for the price of however long it takes to throw together a better UI, you can improve even a minority of people's UX without disturbing those who don't care's experience. It just comes across as half baked to me, when all they had to do was look at AC, ACC, or iRacing to see what features the most popular sim racing games have. And AC's UI isn't even good either, but they at least recognized they should let people practice their fancy sim physics however the user wants to. CM went all out trying to compete with the big boy sims by putting mor
  8. Well since it already gets its own box called Time Trial Settings when you're in a Time Trial, I really don't see how putting a Time Trial Settings box in the main menu settings would get in the way at all. If people don't want to use Time Trial then they just won't go into the Time Trial Settings. I see no reason not to give people the option. The downside to hiding it within the actual time trial is that it gives the impression that those settings don't even exist, because most games have all their settings in one place, completely independent from whether they're in the main menu, Time T
  9. Ah. I found the issue. They've squirreled the Time Trial options away such that you must be loaded into a Time Trial in order to adjust the settings. The setting is called Personal Best Telemetry. I shall adjust my criticism. At least the option exists, now the battle is convincing Codemasters to A.) let you adjust Time Trial settings outside of a Time Trial (I mean I can't fathom a reason to hide settings from the main menu) and B.) probably call it something different because 'Personal Best Telemetry' isn't really a phrase I would associate with the function its serving.
  10. So where do I got to turn it off? What is the option called and where does it live so that I can send it back to the depths of hell from which it came?
  11. Negative. I have the racing line assist turned off. All my assists are off. The line that shows in Time Trial is the line of my 'Time Rival' that the game wants me to beat. It cannot be turned off as far as I can see.
  12. Maybe I've missed an option, but I've looked everywhere and I can't find a way to turn off the glowing racing line of the time that you're trying to beat. I don't want it there; it's distracting. It should be toggle-able. I have all the assists off and I can't get it to go away. This game seems to hate the concept of someone being left alone to practice on their own. It's not even possible to go out on a track indefinitely in full simulation conditions. If I Time Trial I don't get to practice what tyre wear feels like. If I just make a Grand Prix there's a time limit on my practice,
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