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  1. So you think it's funny when you buy a game at full price and then after more than 4 months you still can't play it properly and now you can't play it at all. I think it's completely justified that we're all complaining here now. At some point it's going to be fine. Or they'll give all the money back to the players and we'll all shut up. we're not going to get it, so Bugmasters better make it quick now
  2. I know. I also meant no harm. only all the mistakes are really getting on my nerves now
  3. Players don't have to do anything. It's Bugmaster's ******* duty to have this fixed after 1 day. Such a problem that many players just can't play the game.
  4. yes, how you would advertise the "free content" in a big way on youtube. Although it was clear that it had to be free I still note that the game has been out for over 4 months and has more bugs than Mercedes points.
  5. Maybe they don't want to patch it at all but introduce it for F1 2022 as a new feature that you have force feedback again.
  6. Yes ok, maybe it was a bit too much what we said against you. But it can't be that the game has only problems since release and it's getting more and more and it can't be that you need so long for such a problem where players can't play the game - that's not possible. You buy a game to be able to play it whenever you have time and want to, but you can't play it with the steering wheel for 1 week and that's just pathetic of the developers. You can't justify something like that, it's really brazen.
  7. yes, it's just ridiculous how Bugmasters treats their players. I wanted to take a look at F1 again after a long time. But without force feedback it's impossible to play the game. I might as well play beyblade
  8. @BarryBL Is something coming today or do you still not care that we can't play F1 2021 for 1 week? I can't believe we spend 300-400 euros on a steering wheel and we can't use it because you losers ****** something up again.
  9. welcome to Bugmasters. Where the game does not work from the beginning and there are more and more problems.
  10. I guess everyone is having a nice holiday with our money. Compensation is slowly becoming a duty
  11. does one of Bugmasters have the time to get in touch or is there a new DLC that you have to pay for to get your force feedback back?
  12. to bring the update only 1 week later is simply pathetic. It shows that Bugmasters doesn't care about the community at all. It doesn't matter if they can play the game now or not, because they already have the money. They don't get more money when we play the game.
  13. Let's get serious. Why hasn't anyone come forward for days? It can't be. Other game developers get such a problem fixed on the same day. At Bugmasters, even the tyre change takes longer than Bottas' in Monaco.
  14. the force feedback problem is now the 2nd big problem. the game is completely unplayable like that. And then there's the biggest problem with the AI, which is simply OP on many tracks, including Zandvoort and the UK. This means that you can't really enjoy all the tracks in F1 2021 thanks to the AI, because it's just frustrating because it's completely programmed wrong. The AI can have so much speed in some corners that we as human players can't, and that's just annoying.
  15. I don't know why there are people who want to talk it up. You are paying for a product you can't use. You would probably still put in a good word if you had ordered a new PC and it had been delivered broken.
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