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  1. your absolutly correct your a star ! thankyou ( how we overlook the simple things 🤣 )
  2. Hey guys, in my team career every 4 or 5 races ill switch it to one shot qualifying to mix things up a bit and got to say its been fun ! but the one thing thats doing my head in is the ghost car i have to go around with ! does anyone know how to disable the ghost ? im playing on pc ( well laptop )
  3. appreciate your feedback, i couldnt tell you what fixed mine in the end because i got that fed up i altered a fair few things.........capped FPS to 60fp, turned ayshometric compute off ( deffiantly aint spelt that right ! ) turned off overlays of steam and Geforce experience, dropped all my settings to slightly lower settings ( medium to high even tho got i7 10750H and RTX2060 🤔, and suddenly it was working, i would run back and try each setting to see which it was that fixed it but had that many random ego crashes really cant be assed messing in case screw things up
  4. yeah i may not of had them connect at the time of that crash, but you bring up a very worrying issue for me and thats the " DTS Audio and intel SST crashing " i have them 2 errors in my windows reliability monitor and o idea what they are or what is causing it, i have tried looking into it but with no joy, i even opened up a forum with microsoft and they asked me one question a week ago and aint heard nothing since ! i dont suppose you have any idea what these are or what could i do to sort them ? if not no worries thought id ask
  5. ill try but they work with every other game so cant see it been a problem or see how ear phones could cours it to crash, this is so frustrating, not frustrated with your self just with the game atm, so if i completley unistall the game will i lose my MYTEAM save file ?
  6. im on a gaming laptop using a bluetooth set of headphones and a wired ps4 controller ? does that ring any alarm bells ?
  7. lol i get your frustration but random is as random does, it can literally happing in P1 or midway through race im not sure what a video would do as the same thing happens each time it freezes, creates the dump file and then CTD, i did notice yest that there were a lot of sound stutters and distortion ? dunno if thats any help ?
  8. did you manage to look through my dump file ? thanks
  9. sorry i uploaded old setting as post before ive changed all those but still happening
  10. ignore all above that are my old settings, my new settings are...... Asyhnonomus compute is -OFF helmet, mirror reflections are low and MEDIUM crowds are set to MEDIUM skid mark blending is OFF and skid marks are LOW refresh rate is set to AUTO
  11. yep completly random, yest happen about 10 mins in mid way through P1, then restarted and managed to get through P1,P2,P3, QUALIFYING and 24 laps out the 27 laps of race then dumped on me, is it not showing anything in the dump files im sending ?
  12. if i added my save file later could you take alot at mine too ? because the fellas issues are EXCAT same as mine ?
  13. i am havin excat same problem so if you do find a fix if you coukd share id be very gratefull, all my other games run fine, i also have no 3rd party security only windows defender i also only play my team and it crashes either mid practice, mid race....start of race.....few laps before end of race, ive tried all solutions on here and no luck, hope you find a solution because its hard game to play when you encounter random crashes thats for sure
  14. no in this file, which was attached ive checked and Asynchronous isnt turned on, hope it helps 800360-20210815-163901.dmp 800360-20210815-163901.off dred.txt F1_2021_dx12.nv-gpudmp hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_info.xml info.txt
  15. no after the first dump i noticed for some reason it reverted my settings back, but if you check my second dump it happened after i adjusted all the settings barry suggested, but it still dumped on me
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