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  1. Just finished the F2 start to f1 2021. I (the ai was at default) had 11 podium finishes for the challenge to get 41, I have got on the podium twice since then and it still shows 11. Is this a common bug?
  2. Thanks Bauer. Appreciate it!!
  3. Thank you very much. I will try it and see.
  4. So asking another newb 2021 F1 question. Is there a specific setting now to allow me to be able to change my fuel settings? Or is it locked on standard now? Ps5, standard setting... Tyia
  5. upilkhyi


    That worked Rhys. Thanks so much!!!
  6. upilkhyi


    Yeah. That's not my issue. With no VC I cant use the push to talk to confrim or keep current. So I end up with strategies I dont want
  7. upilkhyi


    K ty Rhys I will try that..
  8. upilkhyi


    Since the ps5 does not have VC...when there is a new strat on the MFD how the heck do you confirm what you choice you make? I've hit everything and nothing seems to change it, TYIA
  9. Thanks. I didn't read the whole thing. Just seems to me some coder forgot to put a variable to loop his code 😅. Everything else looks great but my rht hand only the thumb and index finger works. The VC on 2020 is wonderful to see if i need to adjust my fuel...have a great night!!
  10. PS5 and it pops right away with damage in the F2 that I just started.
  11. Ok..I don't get the whole tech issues it can only work on PC/PS4s and no I didn't read the whole thread....I play 2020 on my PS5 thru PSnow...the 2020 has voice on the ps5...why does the ps5 2021 not have it? Tech limits makes no sense since a older non-ps5 version has it..... Is there a fix incoming or is this a perm thing? Me buying the game or not depends on if the voice is gonna be added later. Otherwise I'll play it from Gamefly some more and return it...
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