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  1. If Verstappen lose Championship in F1 2022 in game, Verstappen will return Car Number 33? Or, Car Number 1 deleted in Career Mode & My Team Mode?
  2. And Wet performance! Russel Wet Pace 99 Bottas Wet Pace 62
  3. Russel Pace 97 Tsunoda Pace 72 Mazepin Pace 71
  4. How to Russell in Mercedes & Bottas in Alfa Romeo?
  5. Bottas is Joke!!! I think↓ Exp 74 Rac 69 Awa 80 Pac 84
  6. Yes.I blocked Giovinazzi in Aston Martin. ( But, I didn't block Russell in Red Bull🤣)
  7. But Real Season Start has already Styrian GP.
  8. I think it is only Online Mode.
  9. F1 2020 is Unfinished Games yet😁 Impossible doubleheader setting, No Mugello, No Nürburgring, No Portimão, No Istanbul, No Imola, No Bahrain Outer. And in F2 2020 in F2 2021, still before COVID calender. No doubleheader Austria & British, No Mugello, No Bahrain Outer.
  10. Hope AI race's spectator mode after mechanical failure's DNF. Race simulate is unrealstic.(e.g. No more AI's DNF after Player's DNF)
  11. Why impossible set Styrian GP in normal Career & My Team's calender?
  12. I used auto save off before contract in My Team.
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