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  1. I have skipped through the season and the screen where I can select engines, team's name and driver's info is back. This time, selecting Driver's Info option, change logo will crash the game; but I can select engine, sponsor and edit team's name. Hit advance and things are back to normal for next season. I can edit Driver's Info and logo now, they are reset to default.
  2. Additional info: I can still race but the team has no name and car livery is from my selection for Multiplayer car, not the livery assigned to the team. Similiar bug:
  3. A detailed description of the issue. After finishing the first season in My Team and selecting tracks for the new season, advanced to the next screen, I closed the game. I reopened the game and head to My Team, the screen where you choose tracks appeared again. I selected the tracks and advance. Here usually the next screen would ask to switch engines or team names etc. but now it skipped that and head straight to editing the driver's info. Advance through that and that's the end of setting up for next season. Because the screen where I setup the new engine supplier, team names and
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