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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Codemasters, thanks for making Dirt Rally. It's great! And I play with just the keyboard and with no assists. Please, allow us to be able to customize the location of the HUD Dial to either left-bottom corner and center-bottom. Also the look of the Dial. If I could, I'd have it look like the revmeter of the 2010 Ford Fiesta or 2000 version, or the Subaru WRX, just to have as options. This would be very nice. Also, for in-cabin perspective views, please allow us to be able to customize the speedometer/tachometer/gear indicator and it's location on the dashboard. Even the option to have one similar to the one inside the Peugeot Evo 2 or Audi AWD, but larger, and perhaps 5 lights instead of just 3. Stuff like that would be fantastic.  I avoid playing certain cars simply because of the positioning and look of the these meters. For example, the 2010 Mini, with it's gear indicator on the wheel but the revmeter on the center console. Even though it drives nicely, just double-checking what revs and gear I'm in takes much longer with this car than it does on other cars, and for that, other cars are more favorable.  Also, if we could have the option to remove the UV-Sun-Cover on the top of the windshield. I went for the Peugeot Evo 2 simply because of this. Not to mention it being light and fast and just great overall. But it's lack of the UV-Sun-Cover made it all the more pleasurable.  Other than that, awesome game.