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  1. Ok, I won't talk again then if everything I say must be followed by a video. I'll ask the leader next time, thanks for your answers. Have a nice one!
  2. Yeah, I didn't argue that the AI hasn't improved, in fact I think they have improved indeed! 😀 Unfortunately I don't have any videos to attach because, as I said before, I'm not the career leader and I can't save the highlights... Maybe there's a way to do it, but I don't really know, so sorry about that. All I can say is that it pretty much always happen from cars that are behind me, not because I "divebomb"... So I 100% know it's not my fault. I'm using an Alfa Romeo so I'm not driving to win; and so if someone decide to overtake me I give space, I'm not an obstacle and I know wh
  3. ? As I wrote before, this has happened to me in 3 races out of the 5 I played... it also happened yesterday, so make it 4. There's races in which it only happen to me or him and other to both.
  4. That was what I was referring to, they hit me with no reason from behind most of the times and I can't accept if someone try to explain to me that this is "real" behavior from the AI...honestly!
  5. I don't have videos because I'm not the leader of the career, so I can't save the replay of the race... or maybe I don't know how to do it!
  6. I mean they literally push me out or they've done some sort of PIT maneuver on me. It also happened that they closed in on me from the right, left and even from behind, so that I couldn't make the turn; on that occasion the car behind me did the PIT maneuver, and two others " drove" me off the track. In short, I either end up off the track or get my car damaged without them getting some penalties.
  7. Hi, everyone. I'm a bit upset, so please do not judge my anger. I've been playing F1 2021 with a friend (two player career mode), and so far (fifth race of the season) an AI has thrown me out 3 times. With no penalties whatsoever. Why should I even try to get a good position if I literally cannot finish a race without someone throwing me out of the circuit? Regards,
  8. Hi! 😊 I also need help with this issue. I’ve had the same error, I completed the weekly event (Austria) twice and got 0 points from both races! I also tried to change options for the race but didn’t work. Report Code is MCCA-TRTM-RECH-PMJE Platform? PC, Steam Game-mode? Multiplayer, Weekly Events What troubleshooting have you tried? I tried changing options like AI difficulty and tried in different days. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Would be the same as every other people on this thread! How do you make the problem happen? Started th
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