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  1. Needless to say, I WILL NOT BUY the F1 2022... I buy F1 games since 2011, I bought them all, they always had some small problem that were solved in the first weeks. What we are seeing with the F1 2021 is due to the purchase of Codemasters by EA Sports. This GARBAGE company managed to destroy a franchise in record time!
  2. Another week without fix? Guys, let's infest their twitter with complaints, I'm already doing it!!! This behavior is unacceptable!
  3. Playing in Mexico, after the race, I go to replay, went into photo mode, game crashes and TURNS OFF THE XBOX SERIES X. Returns giving over heating message. EA/Code, you must be the most incompetent company out there. It's unacceptable, totally unacceptable!
  4. Okay, I'm ON LIMIT with this **** game! 🤬 Now, after patch 1.07, I went to play and in the middle of a practice, I went to save my setup, the game freeze, nothing happened... I need to Restarted Xbox Series X after this, BLACK SCREEN.....nothing happened! I had to remove the ENERGY of console for it to work normally again! EA/Codemasters, in addition to releasing a totally BROKEN game, do you want to retire our Xbox Series X? DO YOUR WORK RIGHT!
  5. Lets go, I did my third race after patch 1.06... After winning the race, the victory animation entered and.... GAME FROZEN, after 6s, Xbox Series X shut down!!! This time there was no "high temperature" message. Sounds like a joke! Codemasters and EA delivered us a completely broken game! Of the last 4 times I played F1 2021, he SHUTTING OFF MY CONSOLE 3 times!
  6. Come on, I'll try to make a very detailed post to try to help (but I feel cheated, because we're doing work testing a game that SHOULD ALREADY BE TESTED BY COMPANY). I did two tests, in the first one, I just opened my Silverstone saved highlights, when loading, the game closed and returned to the Xbox home screen (at least it didn't turn off the console). After that, I go to race (in Zandvoort) in my career. After the race I put it on replay, the game apparently didn't shut down my Xbox, but I noticed the replay worse than ever! For start, artifacts appear all the time now, at v
  7. Ok @BarryBL sorry for this bro! I will test the patch today later and of course post my experience here! Thks!
  8. Several helmets that were available in F1 2020, in F1 2021 I needed to buy the special pack (with real $) to unlock and buy the helmets with in-game money. Besides the absurdity that the base game is leaving without two official tracks of the season, don't you think? This is already "EA style"! As I said, just search the history of this company. There's not much reason for me to be positive about EA buying Codemasters.
  9. If you like to fool yourself into thinking EA's entry into a franchise can be positive, I can't force you otherwise. Two of the producers have already left Codemasters, a lot of content that was free in F1 2020 is now PAID, I have no reason to believe there is anything positive about EA buying Codemasters and I believe this already reflects the current game. But as I said, I can't make you think like me. Good luck! OBS: PATCH IS OUT FOR XBOX!
  10. I'm not saying about the bug, but about the delay to fix and communication with customers, hiding a very serious issue that could put the Xbox Series at risk. This is already a registered trademark of EA!
  11. News: Patch 1.06 is out (but not for Xbox yet) 😁😍 HOPE WORKS! https://www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/news/f1-2021-patch-106-notes?isLocalized=true Patch 1.06 is out now on PC and PlayStation®, and coming to Xbox very soon. Check out what's in this patch below: Addressed an issue where there could be no force feedback on Thrustmaster wheels if task manager was open in the background in Windowed mode. Addressed an issue where force feedback would not be active on Thrustmaster wheels when launching from a desktop shortcut. Audio will no longer stutter when connec
  12. Let's fill their twitters with this complaint! https://twitter.com/Formula1game EA's first release and we're already seeing the way the series goes... Typical of EA Sports...
  13. Yeap, same here.... Stopped to play the game because this bug.... I dont want to damage my Xbox Series X... So, i paid for this game and not play...i will wait more one week, after this i will call refound!
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