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  1. So if I set "realistic" you compute the difficulty based on top X player time, and if I set "individual" you compute it based on the AI speed? What I like most of "realistic" setting is that it makes a sort of average and then I have tracks where I'm good and tracks where I'm less good, so my season is ups and downs, just like a real experience would be. My dream setting would be difficulty based on AI times but still using the averaging formula you use for realistic.
  2. Well, I think if they did that, they would destroy their day-one record of incomes. Personal thought.
  3. Wait, since the goal is to set an AI difficulty, shouldn't it be based on AI performances?
  4. I don't think I can still provide the full video, I recorded just this piece. Luckily I still have my telemetry app open and I'll show you the screenshot. As I said, Norris had the front wing completely destroyed. Just before the video he crashed in my diffuser and broke his FW.
  5. I wish they could fix it. Reality is that they don't really care. Tracks are done approximately. Only Portimao is well-done. Others are outdated or simply done without care. But we have a fantastic 6-hour long story mode, that's worth all the money.
  6. I edited the post, it's not shown in the video, but Norris had just shunted in my diffuser and lost his front wing. Plus I checked with a telemetry app and it's FW had 100% damage (so fully missing)
  7. Do I need to say something more? Norris with NO FRONT WING doing those high-speed corners and what a huge traction exiting the final corner. I'm literally speechless. Well, from a camera I can see the that the missing front wing still plots the shadow but it's a minor problem compared to the total lack of downforce simulation for AI. EDIT: Just two seconds before, Norris shunted in my diffuser and lost his front wing. The wing is really missing, it's not just a visual bug. I also checked with a telemetry app, 100% FW damage.
  8. The new version is great! I only have one issue with Monaco, which is a well-known difficult track. For some reason (also after having set my time there) the suggested AI difficulty for Monaco is higher than other tracks. I think that it should be the other way round, what do you think?
  9. If you are on PC, it might be that the file is still on your HD, despite being flagged as "deleted". There are utilities such as Recoova that allow you to recover deleted files if they are not overwritten by other files. You may give it a shot this way
  10. I'm not sure this is working properly, I've set three times: 82,0 Italy, 92,9 Russia and 90,2 Japan. With MyTeam/Realistic/Realistic/Normal. Predicted AI difficulty for Japan is 90. The problem is that even if I increase the value of my Japan time, the suggested difficulty remains 90. If I plug in another laptime, for example USA 94,1 then the computed AI is again responsive (if I increade Japan time, the difficulty goes down)
  11. As the title says, in replay mode I can see my engine smoking white despite it is not broken, I have a very worn component (ECU), but I think that kind of smoke should come out only when the engine is out of use. I don't think this is an intended behaviour XMST-BRSJ-ADGV-RCVG PC My Team
  12. Yup, you have to be super careful with that curb. The car is still rotating and you had one wheel on the curb while the other was on the tarmac, so you have two different levels of traction. Note that without force feedback is very difficult to recover from that situation since you will notice that you are losing the car too late. By the way from the telemetry I can see that you push the throttle more in the very moment you start sliding, maybe if you reduced the throttle instead of increasing it you wouldn't have lost the car in that way
  13. There is a well known issue in this game: below 100% races, a one stop strategy will always beat a 2-stops, due to the fact that fresh tyres don't give enough advantage to recover ~20s lost from an extra pit stop. From another point of view, in 50% races I don't have enough laps to close the gap created by the extra pit-stop. This issue led me to a question, how does the tyre grip behave in this game? I went through the local files and found out how much grip the tyres will offer at the various wear levels. A tyre life-span is from 0% wear to about 70/80% wear. After 70/80% wear the tyr
  14. To fix the 1 stop vs 2 stops I guess they should make the tyre grip decay more. I guess the grip loss should be 2 times the grip loss for 100% races, since you have 1/2 of the laps to regain the time back.
  15. As the title said, it was useful to see which drivers are serving grid penalties and how big are these penalties. Just copy paste that portion of code from F1 2020, that was a good feature.
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