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  1. Yep, lost all setups, time trial times, saved games, trophies and all of my online stats. Also lost controller/wheel calibration settings, camera settings etc. Didn't lose the purchases or pitcoins, and retained the ranking I had before deleting the data. I saved the data on a USB stick in case a fix is found, but not sure how likely that is. My avatar is no longer Sainz, but I'll be very disappointed if this happens again.
  2. When I have time later I'll follow the troubleshooting guide for PS4, but I really don't want to lose things like setups and time trial time that I've done. It's an issue that's affecting users across the board on various platforms
  3. I have this issue on console. If I install and reinstall, will I lose all progress for online and career modes?
  4. Some good suggestions above. I'm not really fussed about the classic cars - they were a novel idea but everyone if you were in an online race you had no chance of winning it unless you were in the F2004. For me, the idea of classic/recent tracks is good, especially was the licences can be up on some of the tracks soon (I'll miss Sochi in game as it's one of my stronger tracks) and the ability to add/remove tracks from the calendar can refresh the challenge going into each season. I'd love to see team orders, where you get a pop-up similar to when Jeff suggests a new pit strategy, f
  5. I also have this problem. Sainz avatar, driver number and nationality. Sainz showing up as avatar in multiplayer races if I get on the podium. I'm on PS4
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