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  1. Welp, I just got affected by this too. Sainz everywhere. Can supply a save if needed but if a fix is already being tested it's probably unnecessary?
  2. Drivers can and do change teams mid-season on occasion in the real world. As recently as 2019, Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly swapped places and there are plenty of other examples of mid-season driver changes.
  3. Description Following the update to 1.05 my MyTeam save cannot be loaded. The summary in the menu view shows as blank; though hovering over it still recognises the next event and the current championship standings, attempting to load the save results in a crash to desktop. I did notice similar behaviour in 1.04 with a standard Driver Career save (i.e. driving for an already existing team) after finishing a feature race and attempting to reload later, however because it was a new save I got rid of it and just began a new one, which I'd rather not do for this one. Perhaps worthy of no
  4. Sure there are other things that affect the gameplay more that take priority but that doesn't mean this shouldn't also be addressed.
  5. No joke: I just came to the forum to report the same thing. Encountered it just now. No full stop either.
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