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  1. Yes we did the same thing. its just one small league but in AOR, WOR, URL ive seen same things happen and they are acvtive globally. everybody is suspending league races. But idk maybe this is what EA wanted. no more private leagues.... Anyway, the patch is why i believe they HAVE TO make a public statement about this. I understand its got nothing to do with Barry here and im happy hes passed this to the social managers. Still, this is not a small issue anymore. this is a massive desaster here.
  2. Of course youre right. From my own experience (work as a marketing manager) its highly unlikely they do that publicly thru social media or official statements. They know exactly that this discussion is none existent for about 60% of people playing or even more perhabs. So why reveal issues when for the majority there arent any. Gonna be interesting. If they publicy say something, fair play. but from a marketing standpoint: NEVER.
  3. @BarryBLsome people have said this above already. Many of us are running and organising leagues. it would be very helpful if we get an update on how long this might take since pretty much all the leagues in the game have stopped their running for now because of 1.10. There are 100s and sometimes 1000s of people in leagues that need to know how long this interruption is going to take. And just a side note: if this is continuing you guys should seriously start considering things like refund.
  4. YES! Since 1.10 the game has been unplayable online. Its not only the Desync. its general stability and connection. It became this bad, that now theres never a timer in the loading screen and someone always holds up the lobby. Already before every new patch has brought new problems, as its always been unfortunately. but 1.10 was the most unstable patch i have ever seen before. in any formula 1 game that ive played since 2018. It pretty much destroyed the whole game.
  5. Especially on older PS4s this seems to be a massive problem. Since 1.10 im getting much lower frame rates. it depends on the track also, but sometimes its so bad that its pretty much unplayable. And this shouldnt really have anything to do with old PS4s. im playing other games with much more demanding engines and they work fine with the frame rate. The game should not be that demanding to the PS4. I dont know but this last patch has made the game unplayable. 70€.... 70 EUROS!!!!!! its unbelievable.
  6. Big issue here as well. Sc coming out at a weird moment and leader thought he needs to overtake it. 2 second later - DSQ
  7. Where is the code I mean after every second race you need to close the bloody game because youre stuck in a loading screen. Its a desaster. Youre not getting any Bug report code or anything like that, when yore stuck and have to close the game. Its extremly frustrating, you can only do private lobbies so its possible to tell the people when they are the ones causing it to disconnect. The game has been out for 6 weeks now and multiplayer still is unplayable. But what gets me most is, i make a bug report and the simple answer is "we need an error code or the bug report code".. YE GUE
  8. This is just the portrait of the real 2021 season. they wont do turkey as it was said millions of times.
  9. The game has gotten a lot more unstable after Patches .06. and .07. It happens almost daily now that the finishing order somehow glitches and winner changes. I thought a patch was there to fix a game, not destroy it even further. Also it has occured many times now that a finish over the line is very close but very visible who won and yet the timing must be wrong. Has happend twice yesterday alone. I was fighting with someone over the line and both times i was by almost a full car length behind and yet the game still said i won by a couple of thousands.
  10. Yes this is so annoying, can confirm this happens to everyone whos hosting and having a DSC. this game is the first time i feel really scammed by codemasters.
  11. Hello, this glitch is one of the absolute worst in the game. Sometimes, the qualifying results after the session get randomly shaken up and the grid is different for the race. This only happens in an online lobby, and NO the setting isnt on reversed or anything like it. Its extremely annoying when you do full quali for a goddamn league and then the grid changes. Hows this even possible? Ive made a post about this already but noone seemed to care. Guys, fix the game. Honestly. 70 GODDAMN EUROS!!!! this is the most shameful release ive ever seen. (and no, i didnt get cyber punk
  12. @BarryBL Okay, but then I suggest changing the reduced SC to a maximum of one full SC per 25% race. which makes sense I think since in last game the sc was on maximum 2 in a 25% race. And there wasn’t an option to reduce or increase it. So therefore reduced should mean 1 SC Max, and the standard setting 2 SC max.
  13. yeah its incredible. This is definitely the most annoying problem i think. we try to text everybody that is stuck in the black screen and sometimes it works and they leave. dont know how to fix it but i think it might help kicking everybody with a poor connection. Still, it has happend to people from our own group as well that have a lightning internet connection...
  14. After 1.05 at first I felt like that glitch was sorted and Lobbies run more stable now, but they dont. Still, almost before every race there are 1-3 players that get stuck in the loading screen. Unfortunately most of them dont know that they have to close the game so the lobby can start. This is a really really annoying issue. Sometimes its after every race and sometimes you can run a lobby for 3 races in a row with nothing happening. My platform is Ps4. Second, everytime we do a quali session (no matter if one shot or short quali) some grid positions get randomly swapped. I mean,
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