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  1. -After finishing online ranked races the game takes me to a new empty lobby, which When I try to back out to leave takes me to a blank screen. I then have to restart the game -This has happened 5 times in one night now -Xbox One -No error code is available on the screen -Happens after every ranked race I finish, sticks me into an empty lobby which if I specifically BACK OUT of it the game takes me to a black menu screen with music.
  2. Legit this bug has been around for too long now since first time I remeber going to edit my profile needs to be in next patch this game is class but buggiest codies game I’ve played on Xbox one 65101737051__D696A6D0-4A93-4174-B118-EE8887142BB8.MOV
  3. Been having this issue since launch pretty much still no solution or patch. driver profile editor will not let me change my character away from Carlos Sainz. Tried numerous times to change and nothing works name number and nationality always end up as Sainz. Honestly am fed up time trial dosent work properly with this bug and I haven’t even attempted online because I know it won’t work properly and I’ll get kicked. I’d class this as game breaking I want to play online and I can’t. Codies you need to fix this this is a joke have already posted in another topic does anyone k
  4. Using on Xbox One - Have had this issue for few days now thought it was cool at first now but tired of it. Makes all my time trial laps invalid as if they’re set be AI Carlos Sainz even tho it’s me driving? have tried using different avatars different numbers different nationalities can’t ever get all three to go how you want always ends up part Carlos Sainz.
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