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  1. Sonic6L

    F2 2021

    Not many people play F2, however F2 is my go to mode, I much prefer it over F1 as the AI is more consistent across tracks.
  2. Sonic6L

    F2 2021

    Lamb leg or shoulder for me. Not a fan of Turkey.
  3. Sonic6L

    F2 2021

    You've got better chance of winning Euro Millions that CM releasing Turkey for F1 2021.
  4. Sonic6L

    F2 2021

    Fair points and I mostly agree bud.
  5. Sonic6L

    F2 2021

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you a fairly strong defender of CM and F1 2021? Why the seemingly 180 on opinion bud? Apologies if I have the wrong person here.
  6. Yeah I've noticed the same. Quality mode has issues! I play in Performance mode to get over this but that in itself has graphical issues. I've created a thread for this but I keep being asked for more evidence, even though I can't give any more. Thread was then ignored.
  7. You won't be able to. You're stuck with it. I bought mine from Amazon, they said it has to be dealt with by EA. EA said it needs to be Amazon because it was physical product but EA wouldn't accept that they need to refund me. MS said EA needs to do it. I asked MS for backup to go back to EA. EA wouldn't refund me.
  8. Fully agree, it's only going to get worse next year IMO with EA's hand in the pie even more than before. I've pretty much stopped playing F1 2021 completely. FC6, Witcher 3, FC3 and Horizon 5 are my games on rotation at the moment. I wish I never bought F1 2021 personally.
  9. Wasn't there videos on Instagram showing Danny Ric designing liveries and other bits of kit for the game?
  10. Should be free or at the very least everyone (especially Xbox players) given a set amount of PitCoin given how bad this release has been!
  11. Edited my post to include Horizon 5 XS Radio for you buddy.
  12. Sonic6L

    F2 Setups

    Yeah, I agree bud, finding it hard to find F2 setups that can actually do races.
  13. Great stuff mate. Play 4 if you haven't already.
  14. Try this setup here: https://simracingsetup.com/f1-2021-game/f1-2021-belgium-gp-setup-guide/.
  15. Shame, it isn't cross play either.
  16. I do the same in Forza games, i.e. have my own playlist but have rewinds completely off there. I only really use rewinds with F1 games come to think of it usually because my front wing gets damaged during some sketchy/overly aggressive overtakes 🤣. You're on PS4 right? Would be good to race you if you're on Xbox.
  17. I have FB's turned on but try not to use them. I probably average about 1/2 per race. If I raced Monaco, I'd need one every couple corners 🤣.
  18. I used to hate Singapore too but quite like it now.
  19. Hopefully you don't get any performance issues on that console! I've got a One X and Series X. My nephews now my One. Don't quote me on this, but I think the game is around 100GB.
  20. It's a pain in the ass of a track, I usually just sim it.
  21. Fair point but easier than Monaco's hairpin on a controller! I generally hate Monaco though tbh.
  22. I quite like Vietnam, even if that sector 3 does my head in!
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