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  1. Why not make a Poll? I feel your pain.
  2. Not sure what console you play on, but Horizon 5 is Xbox/PC Exclusive. I think it releases on 05/11 but I was looking on Amazon and they say 09/11. I'm assuming there's the usual 4 day early access only if you buy the Ultimate Edition but I think that's digital purchase only. Not great for me as I like to have physical copies of my games. The cost efficient way (and the way I do it) is to buy the standard edition, then wait for the Season pass/Car pass/VIP pass to go on sale.
  3. You can still buy fairly close to release, you just need to find a fair YT reviewer and obviously depends how badly you want the game. ACG Gaming and Gameranx are ones that I use and they're bang on with their reviews. I have never trusted IGN or Gamespot before anyone mentions them.
  4. What issues did you find in Heat 5? I haven't found any, but granted I haven't played it a lot, maybe 6-10 hours max. I'm just hoping Motorsport Games makes a good BTCC game.
  5. I'll update my post accordingly once Horizon 5 has been released/the tracklist is up/a playlist is made. November 5th is the release date. I'd highly recommend you play the games if you haven't already and the associated expansion packs. DLC car packs are subjective to taste but the majority of DLC car packs are worth it.
  6. Horizon 1 - Horizon Rocks Radio (YouTube playlist here): Horizon 2 - Horizon XS Radio (YouTube playlist here): Horizon 3 - Vagrant Records Radio (YouTube playlist here): Horizon 4 - Horizon XS Radio (YouTube playlist here): Horizon 5 - Horizon XS Radio (Youtube Playlist here). I can't remember which game it was, but I'm pretty sure one of the Horizons allowed you to import music from your Xbox and use that as a radio station in the game. Enjoy.
  7. It's a bit tricky as in the Horizon games there are 5 (or 6) different radio stations that play different types of music. What type of music are you interested in and I can try and find said radio station that meets your taste? For me, Horizon Bass Arena or Hospital Records would be the stations for me as I love my House and Drum and Bass music. If you prefer, I can try and find the full track listing/radio station for each game but may take a while.
  8. Not related to your OP but check out the Forza Horizon games if you aren't aware of them (I'm sure you are - I mean who isn't in this day and age). The soundtracks in those games are awesome.
  9. Honestly, no problem at all buddy and no harm done or taken. Have a good one 😄.
  10. Where have I said I don't want it? I'm stating WHY it isn't the game despite F1 racing there for 2 years. Some people can't seem to grasp that even when CM effectively say the same. Let's hope that it's in F1 2022 along with some other tracks that aren't on the official calendar like Portimao, China, Vietnam, etc.
  11. No, I've got your point, however you're moaning for the sake of moaning and I don't think you grasp the fact that regardless of whether F1 raced there in 2020 and 2021, it's not in either game because it wasn't on the OFFICIAL calendar that CM worked from. Turkey was a stand in track for both seasons due to unforseen circumstances and wasn't on the official calendar in either year if I'm not mistaken. I know for 2021 the race was supposed to take place in Suzuka, hence RB's tribute livery. I can't remember what race should have been run in 2020 which caused Turkey to stand in. Should CM p
  12. Sonic6L

    F2 Setups

    Thanks bud. I'm aware of that website and used it for F1 2019 (2019 F2) (https://www.f1carsetup.com/forum/478-f2-setups/) and F1 2020 (2019 F2 and 2020 F2) (https://www.f1carsetup.com/forum/485-f2-2020-setups/) but unfortunately the setups don't translate across to F1 2021 which makes sense due to the new handling model. I found someone called F1Spinelli who has great F2 setups but the tyre wear is insane, do you have any tips on how to reduce tyre wear via the setups? Appreciate you may not, but no harm in asking. Not many people play F2 unfortunately I believe, but I personally lo
  13. But that's kind of the point, it's not on the official calendar and therefore isn't in the game...
  14. Definitely want Mugello!
  15. Sonic6L

    F2 Setups

    Does anyone have any good F2 setups? I have some that I've got from TT but as expected, the tyre wear is insane and they won't last the race distance.
  16. This isn't true pal. it's being made with the assistance from the people that made RFactor2, Motorsport Games bought that dev studio at some point this year IIRC. Rumours are they bought the RF2 studio to use their engine for the BTCC game as well as Nascar '21. Edit: https://motorsportgames.com/motorsport-games-completes-acquisition-of-studio-397-and-confirms-it-will-bring-rfactor-2-powered-physics-to-forthcoming-nascar-game-on-consoles/
  17. It wasn't on the official calendar, it was a replacement track, which is why it didn't make it into any games. I'm sure CM have already stated this.
  18. The pinned thread at the top of this section is one place. And PJTierneys reply below your post is another place. There's also a fair few other places as well on this forum.
  19. CM have said multiple times that Turkey won't be coming to F1 2021. Given the state of F1 2021 released on Xbox, I doubt many Xbox players would pay CM anything further. I'm not going to get into this discussion again as it's happened over and over. I would however pay $20/£20 for track DLC IF it brought back classic cars as well. I wouldn't pay that price for tracks alone.
  20. Brilliant effort there and agree with all of it!
  21. Sonic6L

    F2 2021

    Alt strategies for cars needs to be in the game 100%. Hoping there's an F2 2021 championship as well.
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