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  1. I'm not 100% sure on F1 as I've been playing F2 Career but before the session starts and you're in the session select screen, you can press X (On Xbox) to simulate the session.
  2. Just to update this @BarryBL I've noticed this in races as well. Usually running out of fuel at the end of the race.
  3. The interface/HUD looks so much better in that than in Heat 5. I won't rush out and buy it but looks to be a big improvement over Heat 5.
  4. I only noticed it once, which is why I didn't start a bug report, I think it's just a one off. Maybe try reinstalling your game if you get the issue again.
  5. I've had this once before on V10.x on Series X. I had to restart the race for the voice commands to come back. Not ideal of course.
  6. Personal opinion here, I think the HUD in F1 2021 is better than the official F1 TV HUD.
  7. Verstappen to Williams! LMAO!
  8. Issue fixed for me now with latest patch. What happens to our Time Trial times on the leaderboard that we did under the SAINZ player. Are they lost or are they kept on the leaderboard @BarryBL? No issue for me if they're lost as I'm hardly a top 10 player, but intrigued.
  9. 15 but it wasn't available in F2, so using 13 in F2 and 15 in F1.
  10. I find it extremely difficult to drive in the rain this year. Tried a few different setups but seems all I get is wheelspin at the slightest whiff of throttle.
  11. Try these setups: https://simracingsetup.com/category/f1-2021-game/ or look for Dodger1's setups here: https://www.f1carsetup.com/forum/674-f1-2021-setups The handling I find in 2020 is harder than 2019 but very rewarding once you get the lap right and get used to it. You need to be a bit more modular with the throttle input. Caveat is that setups are subjective and what works for one person may not work for another. For example, SRS setup for Silverstone, I find a bit too oversteery for me compared to Dodger1's which I find more stable and I'm actually quicker with over a lap.
  12. This isn't to do with CM but with Microsoft. IIRC when I looked into this back in F1 2019 or F1 2020 it's something to do with MS dropping the Kinect. MS need to fix the issue here and somehow allow voice commands via a headset.
  13. F1 2020 but I also adore F1 2019 and F1 2015. Can't forget F1 2010 as it was my first in the series.
  14. I agree with this, I find I can only do 1 hotlap in F2 and then run out of fuel about 75% of the way around lap 2. I didn't see this issue in F1 2020. I don't think there's a lot of people that play F2 but @BarryBL can this be investigated?
  15. Erm, no, your assumption is wrong. I disagree with quite a bit of what Marioho has posted in said posts, but hey, you have an agenda against me, so of course, you'll side with other people. Yes, you will get a negative react because I disagree with your post and your thinly veiled personal attack, as I said, if you can't handle a thumbs down, don't post. Grow up.
  16. I disagree with your posts. If you don't like people disagreeing with you and reacting accordingly, then don't post. It's as simple as that. Shows exactly how childish you are and what type of person you are when you try and call me out for doing so. Grow up. Partly agree and partly disagree. What will hurt CM/EA is if influencers get involved and paint the game in a negative light, however the chances of that happening are slim to none.
  17. I would love to have the full TV leaderboard. Some real life sponsor boards may not get into the game due to them being linked to alcohol companies. It's why some alcoholic related official sponsors aren't in the game on the relevant cars and similar with Mission Winnow and their links to smoking IIRC.
  18. You're completely blind and happy to accept bug filled releases. There is no blind hate, but quite clearly that's all you want to see because it fits your agenda and your pathetic argument that the devs don't have any blame. As I said, I'm done with this conversation.
  19. There is no blind hate, there is holding people to account where it needs to be done, but hey, in your world, the devs are blame free. You can enjoy your buggy game and be happy that you even got the buggy game in the first place. It's people like me among many others that have said similar in other threads that quite vocally complain about issues, that help to get your buggy games fixed. I can't be bothered to talk to people who blindly defend the devs when people within CM haven't done their due diligence, you can stay blind for all I care. I'm done with this conversation.
  20. It's like talking to a brick wall with you. I give up, you're right about it all and I'm wrong. Happy? Blind people will always be blind.
  21. I do understand it as I have links that are within the industry, but thanks for your assumption. You have still failed to answer my question, so I'll ask you again, in simpler terms, How are the devs not to blame for their failures within QA/QC? Show me where I stated that home offices affected the publishers? You brought it up. I'm well aware Covid has an effect but it's an excuse that all industries rely on for poor service/bad releases/bad products.
  22. I respect you for saying this compared to your original views mate 👍.
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