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  1. It's like talking to a brick wall with you. I give up, you're right about it all and I'm wrong. Happy? Blind people will always be blind.
  2. I do understand it as I have links that are within the industry, but thanks for your assumption. You have still failed to answer my question, so I'll ask you again, in simpler terms, How are the devs not to blame for their failures within QA/QC? Show me where I stated that home offices affected the publishers? You brought it up. I'm well aware Covid has an effect but it's an excuse that all industries rely on for poor service/bad releases/bad products.
  3. I respect you for saying this compared to your original views mate 👍.
  4. Devs are just as bad as publishers/investors. The state of the game as it released on Xbox was unacceptable, a lot of players, me included, couldn't even play Braking Point or career mode as it would crash during cutscenes. We couldn't watch replays because the game would crash, the same goes for highlights. It took from release up to V1.10 for it to be solved, that's not the fault of publishers/investors, that's the fault of devs. Whoever did QA/QC on Xbox didn't do their job properly as this is a fairly large game breaking bug that wouldn't have been missed. Tell me how that isn't
  5. In another thread you said you were sick of hearing about it and people banging in about it. What's changed your mind? Genuine question.
  6. Comments and views like this are the reasons devs get lazy and release games in such conditions.
  7. No as the achievement should still track and update, you will lose all your game progress through IIRC.
  8. And this is exactly why, we should voice our opinion despite what some people say.
  9. You can't compare them. They're miles apart in both the actual sport and the games. The only thing in common is that they're racing games. You also have to be a huge fan in order to buy these games at full price. I got Heat 5 Ultimate Edition for £10 brand new so I'm not complaining at all.
  10. Haha, try that now and you'll be in the stewards office, not sure if you still watch BTCC but there's a push to pass rule, so if you do exactly that, you have to give the place back or face a penalty. There's still rubbing and racing in there though but seems to have tamed down towards the tail end of the season. TOCA2 was an absolutely epic game. Still love it to this day. Those games were such a let down. I had high hopes for them. The Last Jedi is good.
  11. Yep, I saw that criticism myself with NH4 and NH5 when I was looking to buy NH5. NH4 is supposed to be the better game ironically and was recommended over NH5 a few times over on Reddit. I'm a newcomer to the series, so I don't see NH5 as anything bad, especially paying £10 for the ultimate edition with all DCLs. I have nothing else to compare it to, although you need to be a fairly big Nascar fan to enjoy these games IMO. The last Nascar game I played was 1994 and released by Papyrus under the name of NASCAR. Nascar '21, the next release in the series, is being rebuilt from the ground u
  12. 2K Games in NBA 2K20 (I think) didn't even bother to try hiding the fact it had lootboxes, in the sense of putting it in another menu, they put in actual slot machines and other casino games like Roulette into the game instead LOL! If you ever wanted to see a largely copy paste video game (IMO), look no further than NBA 2K games lol.
  13. It's a form of gambling.
  14. Yes, in Belgium and The Netherlands. Brazilian justice system is in talks to ban them and deem them illegal too. Controversial in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Canada, off the top of my head, but probably other European countries (at least) too.
  15. I remember reading about this. Wasn't this around the same time loot boxes were going through the courts to see if they can be deemed illegal and a form of gambling? I know in certain countries, lootboxes are illegal. TOCA 2 was epic, along with the BTCC itself in the 90s. The game made by CM but they've since lost the BTCC license to Motorsport Games. The team behind Nascar Heat series of games. Heat is an okay game, captures the intensity of driving in a pack and jostling for position but not great IMO, as a new comer, it's worth it, especially with it being available for cheap on eBay
  16. Just gonna leave this here. eFootball ladies and gentlemen. Worst rated game on steam for a reason!:
  17. A lot of the players that I know moved away from Fifa and towards PES but have you seen the latest release of PES? It's a joke! The issue is, if one company holds the license to a certain area of sports games, they get complacent because there isn't much competition. When PES started to get some licensing, I recall EA and FIFA had to "up their game" to get some of their gamers back.
  18. I am chilled out. I can point out inconsistencies and inaccuracies between posts as it's my right to do so, much like anyone else can do the same and people can do the same to me, with no hard feelings. Doubt it. 1.11 yes. 1.12, slim to none.
  19. The OP however believes the next patch which will take us to V1.11 will have: 1) online desyncs being fixed. No, if you look at the thread, you'll see there is no date/patch for this. 2) Sainz. No, if you look at the thread, BarryBL says it won't be fixed V1.11. It's aimed to be fixed in V1.12. The only thing the OP is correct on is the livery. We know this is coming in the next patch, which will take us up to V1.11. Yet the OP believes the above two will be fixed in V1.11 when CM staff has said, no this isn't the case. I didn't deny I made assumptions as t
  20. Dude, you're 1 of 3. Just accept that your OP is wrong and you made a mistake. Do some research next time before you post. Two of your issues are not even stated to be in the next patch, yet you believe it's part of the next patch. Do you want me to get you proof because seemingly, you're too lazy to go into the bug section and look for yourself. The only thing you are correct on is the fact the livery is coming next week and if you bothered to read my replies, you would see that I stated the next patch would be the livery AND backend fixes. Read and research before you post next ti
  21. Thanks for this. I'll try them out. I use this website for ACC setups and they're great.
  22. I don't think the game has this issue, it will be your setup. Dodger1 on F1carsetup.com has some great setups that counteract this. F1Spinellli has great F2 setups. You can grab those from time trial.
  23. Edited my post as it was a typo on my part. My previous post on page 3 already says this. There may be an interim patch that adds in Imola, but I doubt this will come as part of 1.12.
  24. I firmly believe all we will get is back end code changes, a new livery and maybe Imola at a push. I don't think we'll get any fixes to the Sainz issue this month, but happy to be proved wrong. So what I'm saying is. 1.11 will be livery, back end code and Imola. 1.12 will be bug fixes maybe tail end of this month/next month along with Jeddah. Let's see how it plays out.
  25. We already know the new livery is coming this week as per the OFFICIAL F1 Twitter page. Everything else is speculation and guesses. The issue is, the big patch with only one of the fixes as per the OP are NOT coming until 1.12 at the earliest, as per BarryBL's comments in the relevant threads. I.e. Sainz fix is predicted in 1.12. Online desyncs doesn't even have a patch date IIRC. One issue with this whole thread is the OP and the fact that it's grossly incorrect which leads to a massive guessing game and speculation as to what is coming, even though the other 2 points have been addresse
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