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  1. The supposed fix is coming in patch 1.12. Quite sad it's taking this long to resolve this issue.
  2. Mate, the game barely works as it's intended to. What do you expect? People to be happy and stay quiet and just live with it? CDPR were held to account with CP2077, why shouldn't CM be held to account with F1 2021? Apologists like you are the reason why devs get lazy and get away with putting out unfinished games. It's completely unacceptable for a AAA game at full price, with no apology, acknowledgement or good will from the devs. BarryBL is the exception here. If you're getting tired of seeing the complaints, stay off this forum for a start and stay in your little bubble where you
  3. F1 2021 was already in full development/nearly done IIRC when EA bought CM. If anything if EA wanted to kill off making F1 games (which is financial suicide if you ask me) 2021 would be the last release we get. F1 2021 has been the worst release I've played and I've been playing since F1 2010 with at least 150/200 hours of gameplay in each. If people want to voice their opinions on how bad the game is, who are you to say otherwise? We, as gamers, have the right to voice our opinion and make our voice heard, WE are the ones that can make or break the Devs to an extent. The Devs/Publishers
  4. Wishful thinking there mate and the chances of it actually happening are probably slim to none. It'll be the same inaccurate tracks as this year with the exceptions of the new tracks they've built for the game. F2 for the current year will probably still be released towards the back end of the actual F2 season going by previous track record. Couple that with brand new cars, probably a brand new handling model and EA probably having more involvement now that they own CM, I think it will be an even worse release than we have now. :Edited for typo.
  5. Considering it's the OFFICIAL game of F1, it should be as true to F1 as possible, the tracks aren't done well at all compared to Portimao. Don't even get me started on the stupid mid/end season driver transfers.
  6. Agree with everything you've said. However, I would add that single player is also broken with stupid driver moves, AI unrealistically fast in high speed corners, Inconsistent AI between tracks, safety car sometimes not coming out and MyPlayer stuck as Sainz. None of these have been fixed and we're on the cusp of Version 1.11. V1.11 isn't even going to fix the Sainz issue, BarryBL has said this has been pushed back to V1.12, with some issues not even having a date of being fixed or even acknowledged. There are still bugs from previous games making it into this game. It took until V1.10 f
  7. No, from what I'm told/I've read, it's to do with retraining the AI to race on the new tracks. Look for a post (a fairly condescending one at that) from Marioho in the F1 chat section that explains it.
  8. Thanks for the response and fully agree. No point even playing MyTeam anymore with this issue. As I've said previously, I am seriously concerned that F1 2022 will get even worse now that EA owns CM.
  9. I think if the install/uninstall doesn't work, you may need to reset your console but I don't think its console related, as like you, only F1 2021 gave me issues. Other games are fine. If the suggestion doesn't work, make a new thread and tag BarryBL and hopefully he can pass it on to devs to get it fixed.
  10. Bet it will introduce more bugs than it fixes.
  11. Is there an ETA of when this will be patched @BarryBL?
  12. No worries bud, I play on Xbox Series X and as far as I'm aware F1 2021 doesn't have cross play? So I wouldn't be running with anyone with mods and as far as I'm aware, there isn't a way to mod console games? The issues I had is that I'd overtake someone or be mid overtake and they'd just spin me out. Or if someone is trying to overtake me, they'd spin me out or ram me up the backside under braking causing me to go off track. Definitely won't be playing any online weekly CM events any more.
  13. Well as far as CP2077 is concerned, the only bugs I had was performance related with FPS drops. Otherwise it was flawless, yes I know it's a hyperbole but I don't see performance issues as bugs, personally. It was a fantastic game and I loved all 150 hours of it! Waiting for NG+ before delving back in with Street Kid playthrough and then Corpo play through. CDPR were quite vocal with how they would support the game, fix the bugs and fairly apologetic, can't say CM/EA have done anything remotely close. I've also heard Fifa 22 has it's own fair share of bugs and is unplayable for some people.
  14. Is yours still crashing during cutscenes and/or replays/highlights? For the majority and myself, the latest patch solved this problem, but I agree this game released in a terrible state. It's the CP2077 of racing games, pathetic and CM should hang their heads in shame.
  15. I had lots of cheaters in every race that I had, just confirms why playing online sucks.
  16. Sheldon Cooper is on here?!
  17. On one of my threads they kept asking for more info, but I couldn't give any more info as I gave a full bug report, code, video evidence, what more could I possibly give other than inviting them into my home and seeing the issue with their own eyes?! After that it was ignored.
  18. Judges say you're out!
  19. You'll probably be told to make a new thread as it's unrelated to this threads issue.
  20. They need to fix the flippin game first before they start on fixing achievements!
  21. That's the only good post you've made in this whole thread and only this specific section.
  22. I watched a YouTuber that said something similar to this: In order for F1 to get better, there needs to be competition in the market as far as the games are concerned. Maybe CM/EA need to lose the license to see if anyone can make a better game. Maybe then EA/CM will pull their finger out and make something better than what we currently have. And I totally agree.
  23. F1 2021 is an absolute Shiteshow, it's as simple as that. Whoever was in charge of QC and Testing needs to be fired.
  24. Nothing really changes after the first two seasons IMO, the interviews don't change at all to reflect anything that is taking place and the game just becomes stagnant and boring, IMO.
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