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  1. F1 2021 is an absolute Shiteshow, it's as simple as that. Whoever was in charge of QC and Testing needs to be fired.
  2. Nothing really changes after the first two seasons IMO, the interviews don't change at all to reflect anything that is taking place and the game just becomes stagnant and boring, IMO.
  3. Yeah, needs to be downloaded buddy.
  4. Unless the damage is significant, he doesn't really say anything. There needs to be minor sidepod damage or minor wing damage, etc for him to say anything useful. He'll just talk about tyres instead.
  5. Send a screenshot of what you see. I suspect you haven't enabled editing in Excel after you downloaded the file, which is why you can't type anything.
  6. Doubt this will be fixed any time soon as it seems to be a graphical issue only and there are other fundamental areas of the game that are broken that will be fixed first, or should be. Like I said before, this is worst release of F1 I've ever played, absolutely pathetic.
  7. You'll probably be told by an admin/mod to make a new thread bud as it seems unrelated to what this threads issue is about.
  8. Patch 1.10 has solved the issue for me too I think. I've done a 25%, 50% and 100% race and managed to watch highlights without any issues. I think this is the thread you're referring to?:
  9. At least you're getting safety cars!
  10. Same here as far as AI mistakes, only 1 safety car in 55 hours worth of races.
  11. IMO, even for regular they are fairly strict.
  12. I did a 50% race yesterday with a fair few rewinds and managed watched highlights without issue. Found a new issue with the radio, where it got stuck after I selected a message, had to rewind to fix it, will raise a ticket if it happens again.
  13. I don't think that's the only reason bud. In my opinion it's more so the fact that the outcome of the races was known before they even started, i.e. Mercedes/Hamilton dominance and the races were largely boring apart from lap 1 drama. I'd say 2020 and 2021 have been the exceptions with Covid in the mix but F1 is incredibly boring to watch compared to other series of racing. On the extreme end of the scale, look at BTCC and how close the racing is there, how close the championship is and how exciting it is is. Yes it's like comparing apples to oranges to an extent but the BTCC is far more enjoy
  14. Yes, they are and the BTCC game will have an eSports series tied to it. It's supposed to come out next year but there's been radio silence since August last year.
  15. Fair enough bud, here's hoping it comes into '21. 50% is too short for me to play tactically with pit stops and I don't really have the time to do 100% races.
  16. I'm sure I saw the usual YouTubers saying flat spotting is a thing in F1 2021. I play with ABS On, so can't confirm that for myself. Not even sure it made it into the final version of the game.
  17. Does this mean it could come to F1 2021 via a patch in the future? Or is it only for F1 2022?
  18. British English doesn't need the qualifier of British before it. It's simply English, any other type of English needs the qualifier before it, i.e. American English.
  19. Thanks bud. Codemasters should hire you to work with them on the AI balancing! Your spreadsheet from before is absolutely perfect for me, looking forward to the new one.
  20. I had a fair few AI mistakes in the earlier builds on the game, some drivers spinning out, drivers crashing into each other and not making the overtake, overshooting the corner and going onn, but since 1.08 they've pretty much gone and they feel like they're all on rails again.
  21. Overheating issue is different I believe from what BarryBL has said previously. I vaguely remember him saying if it overheats, you get an overheating message.
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