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  1. That doesn't really answer either question or provide any more insight. The only AI issue I'm aware of that's being investigated/potentially fixed in an upcoming patch is the below:
  2. Don't think it's to do with CM but more so to do with the "Powers that be" that govern how close the F1 game should be to the real F1 season. E.g, I doubt we'll have ex F1 tracks in here like Sepang if it doesn't appear in the F1 calendar for that year. 20/21 has been a strange year with Covid and changes to the season so it will be an exception. Maybe even 2022.
  3. What exactly is going to come in the AI retraining patch? Is it going to go back to how it was before with AI making mistakes or it is going to address the AI being too fast in certain corners issue? Is there a thread anywhere that I may have missed?
  4. I haven't ever seen a safety car in approx 55 hours of gameplay. I have seen a VSC twice though which was put out as a result of AI crashing into one another. Also had Charles Leclerc get DQ'd for driving the opposite way. Mechanical failures are rife in my playthrough.
  5. Nearly every cutscene for me crashed in Braking Point. I can't watch ANY replays or highlights. I've shelved this game again until this is solved. I can't even get a refund from anyone. EA are, money grabbing, cheating so and so's.
  6. Pointless and a waste of time. I made one about graphical issues, provided all the info and it's still stuck at "waiting more information" with no reply from any mods. Graphical issues will be way bottom of the chain.
  7. Did you ever get a response? I can see No by this thread but maybe PM on the off chance?
  8. Yes, I saw that too and I believe they were playing beta versions of the build, rather than the final ones that we got. I don't recall ever seeing the damage model that the YouTubers were showing off in my copy of the game on Series X. I have seen a couple of threads on here complaining about the damage model in the final release not being the same as the beta/release YouTubes were showing off.
  9. Doubt this will ever get fixed or even addressed!
  10. Was this even in the original release? I don't recall seeing it myself but could be mistaken and it was never in there in the final release of the game, only in the beta?
  11. Mine only shuts down on cutscenes in Braking Point and when I look at replays after my race OR highlights. The game is playable as far as F1/F2/Career/Grand Prix/Time Trial is concerned. However there are multiple graphics issues that I can't be bothered to raise, as my previous thread with issues raised has gone ignored. The flip side however is Braking Point is largely unplayable and any replay/highlight will cause the game to freeze and Xbox to eventually shut down. Unless I'm quick enough to exit to dashboard myself and then quit the game that way. Given the top of the thread
  12. Gave it a go and the first F2 replay/highlights I watched didn't cause me issues. When I watched an F1 replay/highlights it crashed within 10 seconds. Replay froze, audio froze, then I couldn't quit the game and Xbox Froze and shut down. Here's hoping 1.10 puts this issue to bed.
  13. Might bore the life out of you, but many gamers cannot play this game and the radio silence is appalling. The game was not fit for release at release date. This is the worst release I've played and I've been playing F1 since 2010.
  14. Well, I think it IS a bad thing. EA are known to kill off smaller developers after taking them on. EA are known to ruin games and take strange decisions to remove features with subsequent releases. EA are known to push microtransactions. EA have released sub standard games, look at the release of Fifa 21 and Madden 21. If memory serves me correctly, both were complete bugfests were crashing consoles. EA are a bit empty on their promises when they promise long support for games. The recent NFS games are proof of this. I don't have high hopes for F1 2022
  15. 2022 will be an even worse release than 2021 given EA will have control over development.
  16. I CAN understand why they are doing this, why there is hardly any information about this. CM is owned by EA and I predict it will be another dev that EA destroys. Get the money from customers then essentially do a half assed job with aftercare. As you said, you won't get any form of compensation now that CM is owned by EA. At least if CM was still independent there would be a tiny little bit hope as I believe in the past they gave out Pitcoin if memory serves me correctly? But owned by EA? No chance. I'm saying it now, F1 2022 will be a bug fest, worse than 2021 with even more featur
  17. I sympathise with you mate. I'm in the same boat, Amazon won't refund me and EA won't refund me as they can't see the game in my library!
  18. This is a complete farce. The only way to hit CM and EA is get your refunds, don't buy any new content/DLC, don't buy any microtransactions (if that's your thing) and don't buy any new games from them.
  19. Pretty sure he played 2020 on Xbox but moved over to PC and uses compatible equipment between the two. Could be mistaken here, going off my own memory.
  20. Never trust IGN or Gamespot. Pretty sure in the past they were found to be leaving good reviews for incentives and some of the reviews they have are random and lack logic. Independent (or as independent as a can be) YouTubers are the best for reviews IMO, ACG Gaming on YouTube is very good and honest however he doesn't really do racing games. Jimmy Broadbent, Overtake_gg, GamingBolt, The Race are who I would recommend.
  21. Fifa 21 did as well if memory serves me correctly, but when I said it's EA's effect on the F1 games now that it's taken over CM as well as content being stripped out, I got crucified for the comment saying it's nothing to do with EA. Ironic and how the tables have turned. As far as F1 2021's release has gone as well as pretty much any game from EA, I won't be buying F1 2022 on day one unlike I did with all of the other F1 games and I'm probably not alone either. The biggest loser in all of this is CM.
  22. Haha, I said this on another thread and got crucified for saying it. Glad people are coming around and agreeing with what I said.
  23. That's irrelevant. Management doesn't make the game, devs do and if they're filled with bugs have issues, that's on the shoulders of devs and for the devs to resolve. If a dev can't take criticism for their game/what they've developed they're in the wrong field and need a career change. F1 2021 is fast becoming the Cyberpunk 2077* of the racing genre. Unfinished, bugfest, crash to desktop, crash console, features removed (damage model is one example). *CP2077 was fantastic and I had no bugs in my 100hr+ playthrough but I am aware some people had SERIOUS game breaking
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