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    See this:
  2. Do they? I'm sure I saw BarryBL say that the liveries are pre-approved and given to them at the time of development and don't change between then and the next release of the game.
  3. I've shelved the game for now, going back to ACC and Outer Worlds. I'll come back once it's stable, I'm not going to risk my console over F1 2021.
  4. Sad that we have to delete all of our progress and start from scratch though, I don't find that acceptable. It just seems to me that Xbox Series S/X testing was skipped or done in a lackadasical manner.
  5. You're detracting from the issue/the severity of the issue with using the word some. It is a HUGE issue and sadly the game remains unplayable for a lot of people. It's ridiculous how many bugs are in this, many of which remain unacknowledged, let alone being worked on. As I said in other threads, I've been playing since F1 2010 and this is the worst release I have played.
  6. It's more than some mate. It's all over other avenues that the game is unplayable and crashing Xbox Series consoles left right and centre. I haven't even dared to try it myself since the match after reading the comments on here alone. Absolutely appalling.
  7. Series S/X owners do, even with the latest patch, enough to warrant CM still looking into the issue.
  8. Why is this saying it's by design but in the report an issue section, there's a thread saying developers are looking at it?
  9. @BarryBL has confirmed "To confirm here, there has been no stats update in the 1.06 patch".
  10. Either the 1.06 update hasn't applied properly (there are reports of this already) or CM has uncovered/created yet another bug with this patch and the stats aren't updated accordingly (hence no formal notice/post about this) or the mail saying there is a stat update is wrong and there isn't a stat update but there is one coming in a later patch/update.
  11. Sorry but that's not right in any form. If anything it would increase with this update compared to what it was at launch. If CM have made a mistake then this game is even more flawed than I first thought. The only way to compare, is compare the figures from launch to post 1.06
  12. So you're saying it's not wrong that experience has decreased? Or am I reading what you're saying wrong?
  13. No, Flashback is not removed from TT. If you use it, it invalidates your lap.
  14. If you have a Series X, no, wait.
  15. If Bottas doesn't punt me off at the first corner, it's definitely wrong!
  16. I bought the game from Amazon UK but Amazon say to speak to EA directly. EA say to use the online refund form, but the refund form doesn't show anything there. Stuck where to go and any advice is appreciated.
  17. That ghosting of tyres has always been there and the replay has always been choppy/laggy regardless of whether it's performance or quality mode, I've mentioned both in other threads (along with missing textures but for some reason the devs are still saying I need to provide more information, even though I can't provide anything else). This game is seriously flawed (when it actually works, it's fantastic), I don't understand how people can defend it's current state. I can list at least 10 bugs/issues that I've come across that remain unfixed and even unaddressed.
  18. Similar problems here on Xbox Series X. Tried 3 different methods of sound output, home cinema, headset, TV,
  19. This is the worst F1 game release I've played and I've been playing since 2010, bought on Day One, bought the additional Deluxe DLC and can't even play the game out of fear it bricking my console.
  20. Sounds like pretty much every game release where things are removed from Beta to Final and of course, you can't spell Steal, without EA.... Not really anything new but disappointing for sure
  21. Okay thanks, I think I understand what you are saying.
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