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  1. Has it been that way always? Previously you had two sets of mediums to use so it wasn't that big of a deal since you could do race strategy programme on FP2 on mediums if you lost your first set. And tyre management etc
  2. Doesn't work. At least not when it's raining. Just did FP1 in China where it rained for most part. Most worn tyres that should have been returned were full wets (10 %) and then either ints (8 %) or hards (8%). Not hards (8%) and mediums (0%)!
  3. When using "vehicle condition" voice command from the MFD, Jeff doesn't give out any useful info. A detailed description of the issue... When using "vehicle condition" voice command from the MFD, Jeff doesn't give out any useful info. Only info you'll get is that "tyres are still fine". This is especially annoying when there's an issue with your car eg. "there's an issue with the engine" (great, now could you tell me if I should retire or will it fix itself) or when MFD (damage section) flashes on the screen but everything still looks green. Platform? PS4, but it's probably the
  4. If only Jeff would follow this and not give me useless information in the most difficult part of a track and/or offer a new strategy mid the most complex corner.
  5. In F12020 you could use any tyre sets in any practice session that you wanted. So if you wanted to use two sets of softs in FP1, you could and still had hards and mediums left for FP2 or FP3.
  6. This bug has been in for awhile and I think it's already with the developers. Or atleast I hope so..
  7. I agree. Last in Zandvoort Hamilton drove over a kerb which caused a safety car after he crashed into a wall. In Austria Tsunoda crashed into someone on the last corner. In France I had couple of spins by AI and in Canada aswell. Only wish that you'd be allowed to actually get to your correct position behind safety car, after that Hamilton crash in Zandvoort I was in front of P4 or something and also at the same time behind the last car still running (Mazepin) so after the safety car left, it was a total confusion on who I should let pass because P16 and P17 etc were also behind me.
  8. Same. No matter what setup I use, I'll always spin out on the last bit after the DRS zone if I apply any throttle. So remove that bit aswell.😏
  9. I've had this happen too couple of times. Jeff reports a problem with the car and the subtitles stay on the screen but can't use the radio button. Using a flashback has fixed it so far however.
  10. Just had a DNF in Spa on 31st lap due to mechanical failure. Felt annoying and awesome at the same time. I was P14 and was just catching up to P13 after pitting for softs after the rain had gone and boom... engine gone. Wear was in 40%ish aswell so this is good, been waiting for years for mechanical failures.
  11. And or when you ask Jeff about Vehicle condition (should be implemented to this), he should give an answer instead of "tyres are looking good". I don't care about my tires, Jeff, I asked about vehicle condition. If I want to know about the tires, I'll use "Tyre status" or whatever it's called. Not related but was driving in Hungary and apparently I had an engine issue. No idea what it was since "Vehicle condition" prompt doesn't work.
  12. Yep, I know nothing about coding but wouldn't think that it would be that difficult to implement it so that lapped cars can overtake the safety queue until they are on the same lap. I hate getting stuck behind the safety car when I'm P18 and I'm behind P6 or something because you can't start racing until you let everyone past because of blue flags and then you are behind P17 by almost a lap aswell sometimes..
  13. This, but you can only do it between seasons, IIRC.
  14. It *may* be related to acclaim level but more than likely it's just broken. 🤷‍♂️😏
  15. Doubtful, since it's been this way since F12019 atleast. And apparently by design, which sucks because I just played a wet Silverstone which was quite fun until my teammate had a mechanical failure and a safety car was sent in and that ruined the race because I was now behind 3rd or 4th and down a lap anyways. Ended up finishing +1 lap behind the leader and around 1 minute behind P17..
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