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  1. So you've not even got the game yet and are asking for things to be implemented that are already in the game before you buy?
  2. I am normally not very fast, but had a really good run at Silverstone, 10th to 2nd in 3 laps (5 Lap race), miles quicker than the guy in the lead, go to overtake him on a straight, turns into my front wing, damage, finished P3. That one hurt.
  3. I play on AI at like 60 normally but have bumped that up slightly this year to 65. I was on Pole at Bahrain in My Team at 60, and then had an engine issue in the race. At 65 I was 17th in Spain and again retired. Monaco next for me which is a poor track but I have been putting in some work in Time Trial and if I nail the lap can be pretty quick by my usual standards but consistency is poor so won't last the race distance. I don't use any assists, I would rather race the AI at level 60 with no assists and struggle than race them at 90 using assists. For me I would turn braking assis
  4. to be honest I am trying to give it more of a go this year, but it's things like overtaking someone on the straight and they just turn straight into you so you can't overtake them that's really frustrating. A bit like what Max did at Copse a few weeks ago but much more extreme 😝 I am always try to race fair, I'm not fast and I do make mistakes so will cause the odd incident but I never deliberately cause a crash. Worst thing is whenever this happens all that happens is we both get warnings for causing a collision that had nothing to do with me.
  5. I'm still not feeling much resistance in the triggers, but I have seen some improvements by playing with the linearity. Also I have noticed that locking up does not seem so detrimental in this game, in previous games a lock up would often mean going straight on and missing the corner, where a now the consequences don't seem to much. Maybe it's because as I am getting better the lock ups I am having are smaller, I am not sure, but am certainly getting there.
  6. I think Linearity is defintiely something I need to play around with more. Thank you.
  7. I was thinking about square and cross for gear changes but it might take some getting used to. l1/r1 seems natural to me but I might give it a go, thanks.
  8. Great, I'll have a look tonight. I thought it was set to strong to be honest, I can really feel it on Astro's playroom for example but not on F1 - I'll have a look through tonight to see if I can see anything.
  9. There doesn't seem to be much resistance - On other games there definitely is but not f1 21, there is some vibration in the trigger on race starts when using it as a clutch but not braking. Is this normal?
  10. Playing on PS5 - I don't get a huge amount of time, but when I do I look as real an experience as possible. Given my time limitations I can't justify investing in a wheel so it's controller for me. I turn all assist off except for racing line, which I only use because with my limited time I don't have enough time to learn the racing lines on all the tracks etc. I do turn this off for qualy and the race if I am feeling confident on a particular track. I generally borrow set ups from the internet and then modify them slightly to my liking, but I am only really concentrating on overste
  11. First race in My team, qualified on pole in Bahrain. (I am not fast, AI was on 60 which I have always used on previous games but I have always been quicker at Bahrain so will adjust next season) 5 Laps in engine failure, terminal. I'm very casual in terms of how often I play but I do 100% races so I am doing Spain tonight so will see if I get another failure.
  12. PS5 1) When I beat my rival in time trial mode, I lose my delta to my best time and there is no new rival. I have to end the session and then start a new one to have a new rival as well as my best time ghost. 2) My time trial time is stuck - I beat my time consistently and it always says that your time has been uploaded to the leaderboards. But it hasn't it's stuck on time I set very early, I have since improved by around 2 seconds per lap (Spain) and it doesn't update. I have not tried other tracks yet. Thanks.
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