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  1. My friends and I consistently run into a glitch that we call "Yellow Flag glitch" ... it's cost us multiple grid penalties, and just spots on the grid in general. We noticed this with last year's game and this year's ('20/'21). What happens is that during practice but mostly qualifying, when ai cars (or yourself for that matter) are doing an in-lap and drive a little slower, other cars won't want to pass it. It's like the ai get's stuck behind that car and won't pass it for at least the rest of the sector. This leads to a buildup of cars all stuck behind one car because they won't pass t
  2. I wanted to bring attention to an issue i've had on a couple of circuits that I was wondering if anyone else is having. So far it's happened twice. Once on Australia, and once on Monaco. It literally feels like I'm driving on ice with no grip. (I play on medium traction control) The first time i noticed it was Australia. No matter what I did I spun out on turn one coming from the pit lane. Didn't matter my set up, when I brake, when i turn in.... I spun out no matter what. The rest of the circuit felt incredibly slippery, but I was like... maybe i just need to get used to the downforce c
  3. Hey but we have a story mode everyone! It takes a whole day to beat it, so I feel like Codemasters' time doing that instead of working on new circuits is well justified! lol
  4. I think that's the problem. EA destroys literally everything it touches. Despite having all of these resources. I seriously don't understand how the largest video game company arguably in the the world, is SOOOOOO bad at making video games. My opinion is that their fatal flaw is that they focus so much on making games "immursive, that they miss all of the little details in games that make them fun, good, and reliable. They're focused so much on the big picture that they miss the small stuff that makes the difference.
  5. I've been wondering the same thing. Anyone have any thoughts on when these tracks are added, will we be able to just simply add them into our leagues/My Teams (Co op) or will we have to restart them entirely to play? I guess the frustrating thing to me about this is that literally all they did was add a story, change the HUD, tweaked the downforce, and added 3 driver reactions to winning. Oh, and changed the gui of the menu a little bit. But somehow managed to break other basic things which in last year's game worked fine. I feel like i can speak for 90+% of player when I say we'd rather
  6. Yeah, I get your point. I was pretty unhappy with the way the game drives, too. I was hoping to start this season taking the traction control completely off (I play with medium) but I found the cars to lack grip no matter what. I will say that the right set up makes a huge difference. I found this website has some really good set ups to use as a baseline and I adjust it a bit here and there to my liking for each rach/different car I use. https://racinggames.gg/f1/f1-2021-release-date-gameplay-trailer-early-access-my-team-tracks-editions-price-uk-ps5-xbox-pc-steam/ I get why they re engine
  7. My brother and I were playing our My Team and we were going back and forth about a few different upgrades and found ourselves on different pages because my brother though I was recommending an upgrade that I had talked about earlier, but moved on to recommend a different one. It would be nice for the person who doesn't have control over the upgrades selection to have the ability to "recommend an upgrade" and it marks it somehow for the person that decides the upgrade so they exactly what upgrade you are thinking.
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