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  1. Also I know it would be tough but more engineer dialogue like I'd really love it if I could talk back to the engineer like with responses through key words in my headset just thought that be a nice idea and let the engineer let me know if I'm burning up my tires because of track temp which I see never really makes a difference in clouds or sunshine and let me have more control over the cars control on the steering wheel I own a Logitech dfgt and I love manipulating the break bias through certain turns and sectors also while adjusting certain fuel flows for diffoerent sectors and slower parts o
  2. I'd personally like more realistic driving characteristics I mean its solid but could use a little tuning if everyone is running no down force the aero from the front helps to keep the car on the ground but if you run 1. 1. On the down force setting breaking points should be increased do to the lack of down force on the car thus creating more wheel lock up I should be penalized more for running less down force not rewarded and please let toe and camber angles be visible and not just set I like to see how much my tires are pointed in or out just a thought and a little more penalty if we hit bu
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