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  1. Yeah i need to do some more testing on the weekend. Maybe i find an older version somewhere. But as you said it will automatically update to latest version. Maybe i open a supportticket at logitech and they can help 😉
  2. Ok thanks, thats almost the same i would say 😉 Im interested in the other people who have this issue. If they all use a Logitech Wheel, i think then we come closer to a solution.
  3. You also have the G29 or a different Wheel or any sort of equipment with the g-hub software? Cause if you have the G29 i will test a older G-Hub Version today or tomorrow and try again.
  4. Ok now i can replicate the problem and fix it. I tried to disable steam overlay, started F1 2021 and closed it. Its running all the time, need to be closed from task manager. Same after restarting Steam and so on. Then i thought back when i tested my 49 inch monitor, and i tried F1 2021 without my Logitech G29 connected. Disconnected the Wheel, started game and closed it and its working now. Its not running anymore. My Wheel is connected to usb 3.0 frontpanel. It was working before the new F1 2021 Patch. I will try to connect the wheel directly to the mainboard on diff
  5. Yesterday i got my 49 Inch Monitor 🙂 and wanted to test it in F1 2021 before i get my Rig and Monitor Stand. I started the game, changed the resolution to 5120x1440 and was running benchmark. After closing the game it really was closed in steam. This was the first time since the patch. It worked all the time. Today i run it with my old 24inch monitor again in 1920x1080 and the problem came back, is always running and i need to close it with task manager. When i have time i try other resolutions today on my 24inch, cant try it again on 49 cause i wait for the monitor stand a
  6. Ok thanks, is there a fix already? Like i said happening since last patch, before everything worked fine.
  7. Hi! Since last patch i have this problem. I close the Game and in Steam it shows running all the time, cant close it. Only with task manager, details, end task f12021_dx12.exe or something. Already restarted PC. Full clean uninstall of the game, and fresh install. Same with steam. But all other games didnt have this problem. Tried with F1 2020 and 2017 or other racing games. no problem. This happened since last patch, before i never had this problem. Could someone help, did anyone else have this problem since last patch? Thanks. L4ps
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