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  1. Only bugs are transferred. And i'm serious. 😒
  2. Disappointed too after more than 200h. I made many mods, i worked a lot to give a maximum of chance to F1 2021 but, there is still some points which are so frustrating for me, especially vs F1 2020. For example : the rain ... i reinstalled this week F1 2020 ... and omg, the difference. The wet tracks with F1 2021 are just ... dirty, unrealistic and sade. I feel having loosing details too vs F1 2020. We loose the possibility to parameters weathers in details for a race, the "new" damage modelisation is just a fake, less tracks, the new focus driver statistic is broken, sound bugs, ... And th
  3. It's just a shame. All players who have played multiple races in myteam mode will see this bug. But not codemaster. It's like they never play their own game ... unbelievable. 😠 I made another try, and depending of the parameter (like default or reduce gain ...) the issue will appears more or less faster. But in all cases, after somes races or seasons, all active drivers will seen their focus stats fall down. In some case it's catastrophique and break all the balance. For example, 2 ferrari drivers will loose their focus in 3 races and will never came back inside first 10 posi
  4. 1 or 2 DNF sometime by race for a mechanical issue only. 0 SC. Absolutely 0 after 1 season. So I tried using the same mod I used for F1 2020 to increase crashes. 0 effect, whatever the setting on front wing and chassis damage. Because AI does less stupid things. They avoid others more easily than with F1 2020 😑. This point is for me the most frustrating point compared to F1 2020. With the same setting and mod in F1 2020 i haved 2 to 5 DNF with crashes. Moreover, simulation damages are useless from my point of view. It concerned only the Player car and not the bots. Like punctures f
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