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  1. It certainly would be a hard job šŸ¤£ I feel like they are maybe too strict with it? When I played full simulation and rules in forza I felt like it was judged well (it isn't perfect though you still get pinned for stupid stuff at times). The game understood racing situations and would often let you off if you bump into a car while racing, but it would penalize you if you knocked the car off track, and or made the car spin and it seemed to do a good job at recognizing that. I feel like it should be judged on whether who's in the position ahead, and if contact is made and the car in the position a
  2. Ghosting is a good idea but i guess they reallyyy want to keep it "realistic" I have in some lobbies been able to press start during the SC so the AI takes over, and it some times ghost my car but keeps me in formation as well. I feel like this has been a good solution for me because I can forget about the next two laps and I don't seem to get any penalties. Maybe the game understands you're not there and you shouldn't be liable for anything because it's AI that's taking control.
  3. yeah after a bit of digging I have noticed it's been a problem since last year. That's just even more frustrating now because it just means they haven't done anything about it lol. Guess I'm just going to have to try and keep an eye out both in front and behind at the same time. This is my first F1 game, I've come from Forza 7. I really do like the racing and what this game gives, but these shenanigans that happen during Safety car is just a joke and if it can't be fixed, it needs to be removed until it's resolved. Certainly feel welcomed šŸ¤£
  4. Does anyone else have problems with the penalty system? There are small instances with track limits, but my biggest problem is what happens when the safety car is out. 3 races in a row I've been hit from behind and I've received the penalty for someone hitting me!? It's just bonkers out there at the moment! I really hope someone fixes these because the person behind me probably doesn't mean to hit me but with lag and a stupidly slow safety car I'm getting rammed and I'm taking the penalty! As I was typing this I was spectating a race and witnessed some bloke go flat stick into someone, and the
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